Traditional 9 Patch Blocks go Modern with a Little Fracturing

Improv piecing is a technique not bound by strict rules; it is a method that allows imagination and intuition to piece or applique a variety of fabrics together. A classic quilter's favorite, the Nine Patch Quilt Block is adapted to a modern design and used to teach you improv techniques. Modern quilt designer Carole Lyles Shaw calls this improvisational process "fracturing" the block because she uses straight cuts to slice apart a pieced block and sew it back together. 

In this workshop, learning the improv piecing process starts with a traditional block: the Nine Patch Quilt block. Carole first shows you how this project can be done in any combination of fabrics and how to use a favorite print to create your color palette. You can use modern floral prints, ombrés, African prints, and many other combinations. She moves on to guide you through piecing the base blocks and demonstrates fracturing techniques. You'll finish your project by learning to assemble the quilt top with an optional improv pieced border.

What you will learn

  • The original nine-patch design disappears, and a unique improvisational block emerges that will surprise and delight your friends.

  • Master Fracturing–an improvisational piecing technique that yields unique results every time

  • Understand the importance of value and using lights, mediums, and dark fabrics to make your blocks pop

  • A gentle introduction to modern quilt design, this workshop uses all straight seams–no complex piecing required

  • Access to detailed patterns with fabric supply lists for multiple-sized projects

  • Includes access to course videos, downloads, the Creative Spark private community, and discussion with your instructor. Your course content does not expire.


+ Includes access to a FREE pattern with additional instruction

Fractured Disappearing 9 Patch Improv: Traditional to Modern Workshop

Gain improv piecing confidence with the help of a classic block! Using the Nine Patch Quilt Block as a starting point, you’ll learn an improvisational process called "fracturing" and a unique improvisational block will emerge.

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to the course!

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  • Pattern Workbook PDF

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  • Tools

    1 Video

  • Chapter 1: Selecting Fabric

    4 Videos

  • Chapter 2: Making Base Blocks

    1 Video

  • Chapter 3: Fracturing Techniques

    7 Videos

  • Chapter 4: Final Layout--Completing the Quilt

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