22 Ways to Play with Embroidery Gadgets & Whatnotts

Making waves in the slow-stitching movement long before it was reinvigorated, Christen Brown is known for her prolific needlework and specializes in hand embroidery and crazy-quilting. This class is a basic introduction to embroidery materials, tools, techniques, tips, and tricks, including “aha” moments that even an experienced student will find valuable. With Christen’s mantra of “practice makes sense,” carrying you through this online course, she will show you 22 design exercises to start stitching your way to embroidery excellence.

The course begins with an overview of the materials, tools, and techniques you’ll need to know to get started, including how to choose the right needle. Then, you will learn how to expertly work with perle cotton, stranded floss, silk embroidery ribbons, seed beads, buttons, and more to give your project texture, dimension, and personal flair. Next, she will walk you through 22 design exercises that show you how to successfully incorporate stencils and other stitching aids into your embroidered creations. Beginners will love her detailed demonstrations of over 21 embroidery stitches, and more experienced stitchers can explore techniques for altering stitch definition and adding mixed media embellishments. Aiming to inspire, she will show you her embroidery samplers, journals, and other ways to document your stitches and projects.

What you will learn

  • Discover different ways to transfer your embroidery designs to your project.

  • Get foolproof tips on keeping the threads tangle-free and beads organized.

  • Re-invent your embroidery style by changing stitch shape and length or adding embellishments with beads, buttons, and other found objects

  • Turn your practice into a project by making a sampler roll of stitches for a unique home decor piece.

  • Learn variations on stitch definition by changing the shape and length of a stitch to transform simple stitches into a more extensive design vocabulary.

  • All of the stitch videos have been flipped in a special section for our Left-Handed students!

  • Includes access to course videos, downloads, the Creative Spark private community, and discussion with your instructor. Your course content does not expire.


As a bonus, you’ll get a digital copy of Christen Brown’s Embroidery Stitching Handy Pocket Guide and instructions on how to make your own crazy-pieced sampler roll to show off all your new hand-embroidery skills and a free crazy quilting pattern!

Hand Embroidery Basics and Beyond

Embark on a slow-stitching journey by learning 22 hand embroidery designs.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction

    1 Video 2 Texts 1 Download

  • Getting Started

    3 Videos

  • Threads, Ribbons, Beads, and Needles Decoded

    6 Videos

  • Artfully Stitched

    5 Videos

  • Design Exercises: Rulers and Tapes (Right-Handed)

    3 Videos

  • Design Exercises: Stencils (Right-Handed)

    10 Videos

  • Design Exercises: Found Objects (Right-Handed)

    3 Videos

  • Design Exercises: Creating Your Own Stencils (Right-Handed)

    4 Videos

  • Design Exercises: Patterned Ribbon (Right-Handed)

    2 Videos

  • Sampler Roll Instructions

    1 Video

  • Closing

    1 Video 1 Text

  • Design Exercises: Rulers and Tapes (Left-Handed)

    3 Videos 1 Text

  • Design Exercises: Stencils (Left Handed)

    10 Videos

  • Design Exercises: Found Objects (Left-Handed)

    3 Videos

  • Design Exercises: Creating Your Own Stencils (Left-Handed)

    4 Videos

  • Design Exercises: Patterned Ribbon (Left-Handed)

    2 Videos