Create Your Own Winter Wonderland

Spectacular sewist Becky Goldsmith is your guide to the North Pole! Welcome to the North Pole is a Christmas classic that will delight your family and friends for years to come. This intricate quilt is made with needle turn hand appliqué techniques and embellishments, making it a great learning experience for creating detail in future projects. Not ready to take on a quilt? Try your hand at a winter-themed table runner!

The focus is on both needle turn and wool hand appliqué techniques. Learn the invisible stitch with needle turn and the whip stitch with wool. In both, learn how to sew inner and outer points, inner curves and outer curves, and circles. 

What sets this quilt, and this class, apart are the less-common techniques that are great to add to your skill set. Learn how to construct and overlay shapes off-the-block. Sew tiny pieces using cutaway and reverse appliqué and navigate tight inner curves with ease. This class is jam-packed with tips to take your hand appliqué to the next level.

What you will learn

  • Limitless opportunities to be creative!

  • Mix and match blocks to make quilts, table runners, tree skirts, calendars, and so much more

  • Customize the blocks to fit your own family traditions

  • Learn all the needle turn hand appliqué techniques needed to make this quilt

  • Includes both right and left-handed tutorials

  • Includes access to course videos, the Creative Spark private community, and discussion with your instructor. Your course content does not expire.

Bonuses and Pattern Notes

+ This course includes the Welcome Back to the North Pole ebook. This 97-page ebook has been updated from the original book, first published in 1997. In addition to the cover quilt, there are instructions to make 2 small wall quilts, the Dinner @ Santa’s table runner, and inspirational photos.

Welcome to the North Pole: Appliqué Quilt

Make your own North Pole quilt or table runner with needle turn and/or wool hand appliqué techniques.

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    NOTE: The Welcome Back to the North Pole ebook is included with the class. It includes instructions to make the quilt or smaller projects.

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to the course!

    2 Videos 1 Text

  • Supplies & Embellishments

    4 Videos 2 Downloads

  • Consider Washing Your Fabric Before You Begin

    3 Videos

  • Chapter 1: Templates & Placement Overlay

    7 Videos

  • Chapter 2: Prepare to Stitch

    10 Videos

  • Chapter 3: Needleturn Applique Stitching Techniques

    12 Videos

  • Chapter 4: Doors, Cutaway Applique, & Curves

    5 Videos

  • Chapter 5: Windows, Inner Points, & Reverse Applique

    5 Videos

  • Chapter 6: Outer Points

    6 Videos

  • Chapter 7: Reverse Applique & Inner Points

    3 Videos

  • Chapter 8: Tight Curves, Small Shapes, Close Points, & Circles

    14 Videos

  • Chapter 9: Wool Applique

    14 Videos

  • Chapter 10: Add Snow, Trim Blocks, & Finish the Quilt

    5 Videos 1 Text