The Sea Urchin Stitch

Ganzezashi, also called the Sea Urchin stitch, is an iconic Moyouzashi Sashiko stitch. The visual appeal of this pattern as well as the ability to reduce or enlarge the overall pattern makes it perfect for use by itself as a panel or for embellishing garments, for visible mending, as embroidery on home décor, or as a quilting panel or an overall quilting pattern. Jason and Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby, the Shibaguyz, are back in this third in the series of Sashiko stitch courses. 

Join the Shibaguyz for this deeper dive into Moyouzashi Sashiko and learn how to map out the lines for Ganzezashi yourself and find out how to avoid some of the common pitfalls with these types of stitch patterns so your stitches look neat and clean, and your finished project looks stunning emblazoned with this iconic stitch pattern.

What you will learn

  • Now that you’ve nailed the Woven Bamboo stitch and Rice stitch, you’re ready to learn step-by-step the Ganzezashi (also known as Sea Urchin) stitch

  • Master the lines and angles of the complex stitch, and avoid common pitfalls with the guidance of the Shibaguyz

  • The recorded lecture makes it easy to revisit and learn the stitch at your own pace

  • Includes access to course videos, downloads, the Creative Spark private community, and discussion with your instructor. Your course content does not expire.

Ganzezashi (Sea Urchin) Moyouzashi Sashiko Stitch

Ganzezashi (sea urchin) is one of the most recognized patterns in Moyouzashi Sashiko and one look at the radiating lines and angles of stitching will tell you why. Learn how to draw and stitch this iconic Moyouzashi Sashiko pattern in this course.