Sew Easy Shirt-Making!

Everyone has a classic shirt in their closet or on their sewing wishlist. However the details of shirt construction - collars with bands, tailored shirt plackets, and flat-felled seams - make many sewists panic.  Who better to show you how to sew your next favorite shirt than Barbara Emodi? A longtime sewist, educator, and author, Barbara has devised her own plan of attack and hacks for producing a beautiful, professional-level shirt with an absolute minimum of stress. 

You’ll learn to make a classic shirt using the most straightforward, stress-free techniques possible. Classic details like a collar and band can be simple to sew if you break the process down into bite-sized steps. This course applies to a wide range of shirt patterns, and Barbara shows you how to choose the right ones. Beginners and experienced makers alike can add to their repertoire of sewing skills and confidently give their projects a professional finish. Join Barbara and learn how to make shirts in a relaxed, effective, stress-free way.

What you will learn

  • A handmade shirt is an ultimate gift, and you’ll learn how easy it is to make one on a professional level

  • Easily add buttons, collars, cuffs, and more classic details to a variety of shirt patterns

  • Learn a foolproof way to make a shirt collar

  • Understand how to make the tailored placket the easiest way to finish any cuff

  • Learn how to perfectly match fabric patterns so your patch pockets blend undetectably into the body of a shirt

  • Students will learn a straightforward approach to sewing to increase sewing speed and accuracy

  • The techniques apply to a wide range of purchased patterns, and the early module covers how to choose a great one

  • Includes 1-year access to the course materials, direct contact with your instructor through in-course discussion rooms, and access to our private community boards where you can meet other Creative Sparklers.


+ FREE ebook!

  • Stress-Free Sewing Solutions
  • A No-Fail Guide to Garments for the Modern Sewist

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Say goodbye to sewing F.A.I.L.s (followed-all-instructions letdowns)!

Perfect your professional handmade style by learning methods to understand common missteps and how to avoid frustrating mistakes. Plus, salvage your sewing “oops” with tips and tricks to recognize and rescue immediate errors with easy fixes. Each strategy is geared toward making every project a successful one! 

+ Downloadable Work Flow: Sew your shirt using Barbara's suggested process!

Stress-Free Shirt-Making

Shirt-making is easy with stress-free sewing techniques. Use the skills taught in this course as a stress-free foundation for making wardrobe basics and other sewing projects.

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to the course

    1 Video 1 Text 1 Download

  • Chapter One: The Work Order

    1 Download

  • Chapter Two: The tools and materials for great shirt-making

    2 Videos

  • Chapter Three: Pattern prep and layout

    2 Videos

  • Chapter Four: Prep and sew the details

    3 Videos

  • Chapter Five: Bag the yoke

    3 Videos

  • Chapter Six: Make and attach collar and band

    7 Videos

  • Chapter Seven: sew the seams

    1 Video

  • Chapter Eight: Make the sleeve placket tower

    1 Video

  • Chapter Nine: Sew sleeve seams and the two-piece cuffs

    1 Video

  • Chapter Ten: buttons and buttonholes

    3 Videos

  • Course round-up and thanks

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