Create a Wardrobe for ANY Doll

You have style, and you have grace, but what about your doll? In the course series, "Easy Doll Clothes Design Techniques," doll clothing designer Chelly Wood teaches you three easy methods for designing doll clothes. The first course, "How to Alter Doll Clothes Patterns," explains the fundamentals of pattern alteration. Chelly’s two passions are sewing doll clothes and writing books. Her expertise is transparent as she seamlessly equips you to create a doll wardrobe that reflects your style.

Chelly explains the fundamentals of pattern alteration, including how to lengthen sleeves, adjust seam allowances, and extend closures. We'll learn how to create patterns for skirts, pants, shirts, and dresses that fit your doll's unique shape -- whether we're sewing for an 18-inch doll, an 11-inch fashion doll, or even a tiny dollhouse-sized doll. Learn to combine and alter doll clothes patterns you already own. Chelly will share her trick for resizing patterns from small to large and from large to small. Look for more classes from Chelly on other doll clothing techniques...coming soon.

What you will learn

  • You’ll learn how to resize doll clothes patterns from small to large and from large to small

  • Explore how you can alter pants patterns perfectly tailored to fit the doll of your choice

  • Lengthen a doll's skirt or make the skirt more or less full

  • Invent your own waistband pattern for a skirt, using your doll's waist measurements

  • Combine garment patterns seamlessly to form a new pattern


+ FREE patterns from Chelly’s website

+ A downloadable pattern alteration glossary

+ A basic pattern template shapes for pants, a bodice, two sleeves, and several rectangular gathered-style skirts.

+ Get personalized feedback! Submit photos of your works-in-progress and ask Chelly questions.

How to Alter Doll Clothes Patterns

Create doll clothes to fit your style by altering patterns you already own.

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome

    3 Videos 1 Text

  • Section 1: How to Measure Your Doll

    2 Videos

  • Section 2: How to Alter Doll Pants

    10 Videos

  • Section 3: How to Alter Doll Skirts

    11 Videos

  • Section 4: How to Alter Doll Dresses and Dress Bodices

    4 Videos

  • Section 5: How to Alter Doll Shirts

    6 Videos

  • Section 6: How to Reduce the Size of a Garment Pattern

    6 Videos

  • What can I do with my new knowledge about pattern alterations?

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