Start Quilting In No Time With All The Basics Explained

Welcome, new quilters! If you’ve been wanting to begin your quilting journey, then this is the perfect place for you. Quilting for Beginners has everything a complete beginner needs to successfully build a solid foundation: clear start-to-finish instructions, a breakdown of all essential tools and how to use them, skill-building projects, and the ability to ask any and all questions from a knowledgeable instructor.

The series is made up of three courses where the skills and knowledge build upon each other. Passionate about making quilting inclusive and enjoyable, Lisa Furliegh has taught beginners how to quilt for years. Building your confidence with each lesson, she begins by teaching you the basics and demonstrates essential quilting skills, like accurate piecing, half-square triangles, and bias cutting. Each part of the series has a project that teaches specific skills that grow and elevate with the next course.

+ Learn all the essentials to start your quilting journey, from gathering supplies for your success to mastering each step with precision and accuracy.

+ Three courses build on each other and offer small projects to practice your skills.

+ Includes access to course videos, downloads, the Creative Spark private community, and discussion with your instructors. Your course content does not expire.

Quilting 101: Beginning Quilting 1

This introduction to quilting gives you all the tools for success, focusing on the three building blocks that make a quilt: cutting, piecing and pressing. Each step of the quilting process is demonstrated in-depth, from reading the pattern and measuring for borders to quilting and binding. This is a start-to-finish class, leaving you with a finished project that is ready to use. The class length is 110 minutes. Click to hear more about it from Lisa...

Bias Piecing Skills: Beginning Quilting 2

Now that you have a basic foundation, we move on to bias cutting and making half-square triangles (a basic unit in many quilt patterns). Learn how to sew from point A to B without losing accuracy. Follow along as you create a table runner with your instructor, with all the tips and tricks to make quilting fun and easy! We will take quilting up a level with this project. The class length is 70 minutes. Hear more...

Next Level Basics: Beginning Quiltings 3

You're on your way to graduating from Quilting for Beginners! Lisa builds on the skills learned in Quilting 101 and Bias Piecing Skills by adding a larger project and an introduction to free-motion quilting. After a review of the skills learned in the previous two courses, you'll learn additional techniques that make the quilting process easier and more fun. The class length is 60 minutes. Hear what Lisa has in store for you!


Beginning Quilting Series

Welcome, beginner quilters. In this skill-building series, you will begin with the basics and gain quilting confidence as you practice new skills and sew projects you will be proud to share.

  • Get all 3 classes in the Beginning Quilting Series and save 22% or you can purchase them one-at-a-time.

  • Quilting 101: Beginning Quilting 1

  • Bias Piecing Skills: Beginning Quilting 2

  • Next Level Basics: Beginning Quiltings 3