Show Us Your Pride Colors

The RECORDING from the LIVE class is available now!

The Quilt

The history of the banners we wave to represent us in the LGBTQIA+ and TGNCNB community is as deep and as colorful as the members of our community itself. 

Our quilt, The Colors of My Pride, is a combination of colors from across the wide range of vibrant Pride flags that we feel represents us best. The blocks themselves are created using a Scrappy Wonky Log Cabin block construction with 17 pieces built from the center out using a total of 11 colors repeated.

For our The Colors of My Pride quilt, we included the six colors from the Rainbow Pride Flag since that is the first flag that either of us remembers flying as a banner at marches, plastered on our vehicles, worn on our bodies, waved in defiance, and painted on our skin for many… many… years. However, in more recent years, we have come to feel that the representation of the colors from the More Color, More Pride Flag is more inclusive and even further encompasses our community, so we included the black and brown stripes from that flag. Shannon is non-binary, so we also brought in the soft blue and pink from the Transgender Pride Flag and added a lavender stripe to represent those of us who feel we are outside of (or fluid within) the gender binary.

You might pick a smaller set of colors that represents your Pride for your quilt resulting in a completely different set of repeats. Certainly, the wonky style of construction using free cutting and scraps from previous blocks will result in exciting variances from block to block and quilt to quilt.

Want to learn more about the history of Pride and the various colorways? Check out Jason and Shannon's Blog.

The Class

Our Colors of My Pride quilt pattern is written for sizes from a lap throw to a king size quilt. If you’ve never made a quilt before or never made a quilt with this style of construction and want to try a smaller project first, we also included sizes for a 3 x 4 block wall hanging and a 4-block sampler. And, if you want a little help with the blocks or you just want to hang out with other FAB folx making their quilts, we have developed a class that will be teaching on Creative Spark where we will be making the 4-block sampler. 

The class is focused on the stacked spiral style of construction of the scrappy wonky log cabin Pride blocks and shows how to frame those blocks in the four different ways we did for our quilt. We will also cover how to assemble and finish your sampler including options for making the quilt sandwich, quilting options for domestic machines, binding your sampler using a faced binding, and two different options for hanging your work of art for display.

If you have never made a quilt before or if you are newer to quilting, you’re going to love how forgiving this method of construction is. No… really… time after time, folx in our scrappy wonky quilt classes who were intimidated by matching corners and perfect lines are thrilled with how they can sit down and, with a basic machine that sews a straight line, can create something glorious and stunning. Experienced quilters will love this style of construction both because of the freedom of expression it offers and the modern esthetic it creates. Most experienced quilt makers love the sense of play in the creation of these blocks and the resulting randomness is always a thrill… new or experienced!

Create Your Pride Quilt with Jason and Shannon

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    Not able to make the LIVE event on June 18th? Don't fear. You can watch a recording of the class that works with your schedule. The recording has been edited slightly for your viewing pleasure!

    Pattern download included. Access to the recording is for 1 year.

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What You'll Learn:

  • Scrappy Wonky Log Cabin block construction with 17 pieces built from the center out using a total of 11 colors repeated

  • Color combinations that reflect your inner you

  • Beginners will learn step-by-step how to construct the quilt block, experienced quilters will love the freedom of expression and playfulness of the blocks

  • Celebrate LGBTQIA+ pride all year long and revisit this recording to quilt at your own pace