To be or not to be a mystery: the choice is yours!

Quilters tend to be squarely (pun intended!) on one side or the other when it comes to enjoying a mystery quilt. Regardless of where you find yourself on the mystery quilt continuum, join Shelley Cavanna from Cora’s Quilts in Creative Spark's release of her Cosmos Mystery Quilt Along. Known for her best-selling book, Barn Star Sampler, Shelley has a reputation for being the queen of the quilt-a-longs! As a longtime quilter and quilt-along designer, the Cosmos Mystery Quilt is her eighth mystery quilt-along. 

Shelley understands the apprehension many quilters face when deciding to make a mystery quilt. That’s why she is keen to offer you options on how much of a mystery you want your quilt to be! Choose to experience the whole program blind and watch it unfold over twelve weeks, or you can sneak a peek at the finished project on her website to see if you like the direction you'll be headed in. The choice is yours!

If you have never ventured into embracing the intrigue of a mystery quilt, the Cosmos Mystery Quilt Along is a great one to try! Starting January 30th, each week, Shelley will release a clue to constructing your quilt, including a corresponding video tutorial to demonstrate each technique. Start by choosing your fabric with confidence; the first clue provides a color theory guide to picking fabric and covers the fabric requirements and cutting instructions. Next, the quilt-a-long will teach basic quilt piecing skills, with tutorials on making small elements like flying geese, square-in-a-square, four patches, and more. 

Shelley has found that this narrowed focus takes the anxiety and fear out of working on large or complex-looking quilts. As the weeks/clues go by, you’ll start to join these familiar shapes into a stunning, mosaic-inspired quilt. If curiosity gets the better of you, at any time, you can skip ahead and take a sneak peek at the finished quilt. By the end of 12 weeks, you’ll have a finished quilt top.

What you will learn

  • Follow along with the weekly clues and you'll have a finished, stunning mosaic quilt top in twelve weeks.

  • Improve your piecing skills with techniques like stitch-and-flip.

  • Grow your piecing skills with familiar quilting shapes like hourglass blocks, four patches, flying geese, and more!

  • Apply basic color theory to curate a stunning collection of fabrics for your mystery quilt.

  • Understand how smaller basic quilt blocks come together to form larger patterns.

  • Engage with a community of other quilters and get instructor feedback along the way.

  • Includes access to course videos, downloads, the Creative Spark private community, and discussion with your instructor. Your course content does not expire.

Four Size Options!

The digital download of the Cosmos Quilt Pattern has options to make the quilt in four different sizes. The four different sizes are a 48" x 48" wall hanging, a 68" x 68" throw-size, an 88" x 88" full-size, and a 108" x 108" king-size. Scroll down for more information on fabric requirements.

Cosmos Mystery Quilt Along

Improve your quilt piecing skills as your mystery quilt unfolds over 12 weeks!

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    After purchasing, you will have access to the introduction content with the blocks scheduled to be released weekly beginning January 30, 2024.

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome: Let's Get Prepared

    2 Texts 1 PDF 1 Download

  • Week 1: Cutting

    1 Download

  • Week 2: Hourglass Blocks

    1 Video 1 Download

  • Week 3: Four-Patches

    1 Video 1 Download

  • Week 4: Flying Geese

    1 Video 1 Download

  • Week 5: Square-in-Squares

    1 Video 1 Download

  • Week 6: Stitch-and-Flip Corners

    1 Video 1 Download

  • Week 7: Elongated Geese

    1 Video 1 Download

  • Week 8: Triangles That Aren’t

    1 Video 1 Download

  • Week 9: A Fun Shape

    1 Video 1 Download

  • Week 10: Another Fun Shape

    1 Video 1 Download

  • Week 11: More Fun Shapes

    1 Video 1 Download

  • Week 12: Come Together! Quilt Top Assembly and Borders

    1 Video 1 Download