Learn a Key Technique in Art Quilts

Donkeys are the noblest steed. They’re charming, brave, and quilted by Vicki Conley. In this course, Vicki Conley teaches the same turned edge machine piecing technique she used for her National Park Quilts. Vicki is a studio artist who has been making art quilts and perfecting her techniques since 2007. Piecing is a quilting technique where pieces of fabric are sewn together to form the quilt top. Take this machine piecing lesson and apply it to any quilt project!

Manny, Mo, and Joe are the (pattern) stars of Vicki’s course. You’ll learn turned edge machine piecing and construct the whole quilt on Floriani Stitch-n-Wash Fusible Water Soluble Stabilizer. This charming quilt creates an interactive learning experience for choosing fabric and using value to create dimension. You’ll learn everything you need to create your own art quilts, from cutting the pattern to turning the edges. Made a mistake along the way? This course includes troubleshooting tips.

What you will learn

  • Work on a stabilizer that stays in the quilt

  • Use value and fabric choice to create dimension and texture

  • Learn how to turn the edges with a glue stick

  • Sew pieces together rather than appliquéing

  • Mistakes happen — troubleshooting tips are included in the course

  • Includes access to course videos, the Creative Spark private community, and discussion with your instructor. Your course content does not expire.


This course includes two versions of the Donkey pattern, exclusive to Creative Spark!

Turned Edge Machine Piecing: Donkey Art Quilt

Create an art quilt featuring three charming donkeys using turned edge machine piecing. You’ll learn everything you need to know about machine piecing art quilts, from color value to patterns to turning edges. Use this course for future piecing or art quilt projects!

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  • The Photograph to Art Quilt Ultimate Bundle

    Save 22% when you purchase both:

    • Turned Edge Machine Piecing: Donkey Art Quilt ($49.99)
    • Design Your Quilt: From Photo to Imagination ($59.99)

    Turned Edge Machine Piecing takes you through detailed steps in the construction of Vicki's Art Quilt methods from fabric choices to assembly. Design Your Quilt covers how to create your own designs from photographs, the construction, and her signature sky. 

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction

    2 Videos 1 Text

  • Supplies

    1 Video

  • Preparing the Pattern

    2 Videos 1 Download

  • Registration and Marking

    3 Videos

  • Choosing the Fabric

    2 Videos

  • Constructing the Animals

    5 Videos

  • Sewing the Sections

    1 Video

  • Troubleshooting Problems

    1 Video

  • Quilting and Finishing

    1 Video

  • Thank You

    1 Video