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Virtual Event: May 11th @ 9 am PT

Event recording included

Stitch your way to new skills and threads of inspiration at Embroidery Extravaganza!

Join 11 expert embroidery instructors for a vibrant multi-class event on stitches, motifs, methods, and more skill-building and imaginative lessons to take your embroidery to the next level!

Starting with a keynote with renowned embroidery, ribbonwork, crazy quilting, and multi-media artist Christen Brown, you'll get tips, tricks, and sage advice gleaned from many years of taking a needle and thread to cloth. Then, gain access to join 10 40-minute workshops to learn about crewel and free-form embroidery, basic embroidery stitches and techniques, adding silk ribbon to projects, getting started with the art of modoko (kogin motifs), machine embroidery hacks for success, finding your personal style, and so much more!

The instructors' practical approaches simplify all things embroidery into mindful practices that you can apply right away. With encouragement and inspiring showcase of work, they instill confidence and creativity anyone can use daily.

Guided by embroidery experts, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use luxurious silk ribbons and basic stitches to create one-of-a-kind pieces

  • Discover your personal stitching style and unleash your inner innovative spirit

  • Stitch stunning samplers and motifs using the basics of crewel embroidery and free-form embroidery

  • Hack your sewing machine to play with machine embroidery

  • Choose the best fabrics and colors to make your dream embroidery projects come true

  • Learn the art of modoko (kogin motifs) to create beautiful patterns

Let’s talk extras…

+Get over 8 hours of instruction in 4 hours with the magic of technology!

+You’ll get lifetime access to the event after it wraps for your viewing pleasure

+During the live event, you’ll be entered to win a HUGE giveaway

+Get a virtual swag bag when you sign up

Reviews from previous live events:

Choices with no limits:

“My favorite part was  having a choice of topics in the break-out sessions and the fact they are recorded so that I can watch the other ones.”

“The best part was the presenters! Loved the variety and the ability to get in the room without number limits.”

A variety of topics:

“I liked getting new ideas and being able to see someone demonstrate the technique.”

“I loved the variety of topics covered - great instructors. I also appreciated that the presentations were kept on track”

Expert instruction:

“I enjoyed seeing how each instructor had her own way of doing the same things.”

“The best part was tried and true practical information from expert instructors.”

Embroidery Extravaganza

Get stitching with 11 award-winning artisanal instructors for a vibrant multi-class event on embroidery, one of the most popular meditative crafts practiced worldwide.