English Paper Piecing for ALL Levels

English paper piecing is a traditional sewing method where paper pieces fit together like a puzzle - add fabric, stitch them together, and you have a quilt! EPP is sewing that can go with you anywhere making it your on-the-go sewing project!. Author and instructor Becky Goldsmith will share her years of hand sewing expertise as you start your own EPP adventure.
This class, for all skill levels, starts with printing and cutting your own EPP papers which opens up major design possibilities. You will learn how to change the colors and values in the star blocks to achieve a different look. The trees don't have to be trees - change the colors and the center becomes a whirling center medallion. You will go on to learn how to baste your fabric to the papers, sew them together with one of three kinds of stitches, and how to hold your sewing (which is more important than you might think.) Whether you create the included project or add these skills to another EPP project, you will be able to confidently piece anything.

What you will learn

  • Cut your EPP papers in a way that puts you in charge of the pieces in the block. Combine shapes in a variety of ways to make the block more, or less, complex.

  • Baste fabric to the papers with needle and thread or with glue...you will learn the pros and cons of both.

  • Learn 3 variations of the most common EPP stitches: the traditional whip stitch, the angled whip stitch, and the flat back stitch.

  • Holding EPPing can be tricky, especially as the blocks get bigger. Learn several ways to hold your block to keep your hands happy.

  • Gain tips on matching points, clipping shapes together, easing as needed, and figuring out how to hold the growing block...shown in both right- and left-handed versions!

  • Includes access to course videos, downloads, the Creative Spark private community, and discussion with your instructor. Your course content does not expire.


+ FREE eBook: Hand Sewing, A Journey to Unplug, Slow Down & Learn Something Old ($23.99 value)
+ Exclusive block pattern not found in the eBook

Stars & Pines: An English Paper Piecing Class

English paper piecing is a traditional sewing method where the pieces fit together like a puzzle - add fabric, stitch them together, and make a treasure. EPP is sewing that you can take on the go. The Hand Sewing ebook is included in the course.

Course Curriculum

  • # 1: Welcome to Stars & Pines!

    1 Video 2 Texts 3 PDFs 1 Download

  • #2: Color and Design

    4 Videos

  • #3: Prepare the Papers

    1 Video

  • #4: Cut Your Fabric

    2 Videos

  • #5: Baste Your Fabric to the Papers

    3 Videos

  • #6: EPP Stitches

    8 Videos

  • #7: Sew Blocks Together

    6 Videos

  • #8: Hand Piecing & Finishing Tips

    2 Videos

  • #9: Before you go...

    1 Video 1 Text