Introducing Furoshiki Wrapping: Gifts and Beyond

Are you looking for an eco-friendly option for gift wrapping? Have you ever been out and about and found yourself in need of an extra bag? Join Shannon and Jason for a savvy solution! Elevate your gift-wrapping experience with their brand new live virtual workshop: Furoshiki Wrapping: Gifts and Beyond.  Whether you are looking for a way to zhuzh up your gift wrapping or want a fabulous new bag for carrying packages or groceries to or from the shops, Shannon and Jason will demonstrate the art of furoshiki, an ancient Japanese technique of wrapping gifts in beautiful, reusable fabric.

Here are THREE great reasons to choose this wrapping style:

1. Gift in Style: Forget traditional wrapping paper and add elegance and your own personal style to your gifts. Furoshiki wrapping allows you to create stunning gift presentations that are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. The wrapping is a gift too!

2. Sustainable Gifting: We all know how important it is to tread lightly upon our Earth and furoshiki wrapping offers an eco-friendly alternative to disposable wrapping paper. Wrap bottles, boxes, books, and clothes and embrace sustainability while making a lasting impression with your thoughtful presents. 

3. Beyond Gifts: Yes, furoshiki are elegant and eco-friendly gift wraps but they can also be made into stylish bags and home decor. Look ultra-chic by turning your favorite scarves or fabric into handbags 

This is a professionally edited class from the live event on 12/9/23.

What you will learn

  • The origins of furoshiki and how the art has evolved into the art form we know today

  • Learn various folding and tying techniques to produce different furoshiki creations

  • Explore different fabric choices—from prints to solids, handmade textiles, or pre-loved scarves—and let your creativity run wild

  • Includes access to course videos, downloads, the Creative Spark private community, and discussion with your instructors. Your course content does not expire.


Inspired to make your own furoshiki wrapping cloth? Shannon and Jason have a class for that, too! Bundle and save by enrolling in both courses today: Furoshiki Wrapping: Gifts and Beyond and Make Your Own Furoshiki: Sashiko Embroidered Wrapping Cloth!

Furoshiki Wrapping: Gifts and Beyond

Learn the art of Furoshiki, and learn the ancient Japanese technique of wrapping gifts in beautiful reusable fabric!

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    This is an edited version of the live event that occurred on 12/9/23.

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