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Hand embroidery is an ancient art form that is fun and easy to take up! All you need is a needle, thread, and some fabric to stitch on to get started in this relaxing hobby which also makes it one of the least expensive hobbies to get hooked on. Laura Wasilowski is passionate about hand embroidery and uses it to express her joy and whimsical nature. Laura is the owner of a fabric and thread dye shop, an instructor of online workshops, and has authored 5 books on the subject.

Laura’s hand embroidery stitch library is the perfect tool to learn and master 20 basic embroidery stitches with step-by-step directions and close-up videos that you can watch and rewatch. Learn to create the essential french knot and try out something new like the pistil or sheaf stitch. Laura also shows you beautiful examples of her own work and where and how you might use each stitch in your free-form embroidered art.

What you will learn

  • Whether you are a righty or lefty, Laura has you taken care of - all the stitches are organized by your dominant hand

  • Advice for making the perfect stitch every time 20+ embroidery stitches to use again and again

  • Watch and re-watch the videos at your own pace until you reach your desired level of mastery

  • Hand embroidery is a wonderful art form. It’s a soothing pass time and a great way to express yourself

  • This class includes both right- and left-handed videos

  • Includes access to course videos, downloads, the Creative Spark private community, and discussion with your instructor. Your course content does not expire.


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Hand Embroidery Stitch Library: Right & Left Handed

Learn to make 20+ hand embroidery stitches with step-by-step video directions. Includes how to use stitches for free-form embroidery, a lesson on stitching tools and more. Trigger your imagination with this "two-handed" library.

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to Hand Embroidery Stitches with Laura Wasilowski

    2 Videos 1 Text

  • Chapter #1. Right-Handed Embroidery Stitch Directions

    22 Videos

  • Chapter #2: Left-Handed Embroidery Stitch Directions

    22 Videos 1 Text