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Welcome to your hand embroidery stitch library for free-form embroidery!

Whether you’re right-handed or left-handed I hope these stitch directions help you in your stitching adventure. Learn how to make a variety of hand embroidery stitches for your artwork and see examples of how I’ve used those stitches on wool, felt, silk, and quilt tops. There is also a lesson on tools and tips for hand embroidery.

Hand embroidery is a wonderful artform. It’s a soothing pass time and a great way to express yourself.

Thanks for joining me! Happy stitching! -Laura

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Left-handed...or right!

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Your Course Includes:

  • 85+ minutes of video for each hand teach you how to embroider with confidence...step by step

  • Whether you are a righty or lefty, Laura has you taken care of - all the stitches are organized by your dominant hand

  • Laura gives her best advice for making the perfect stitch every time

  • Major resource tools

  • Watch and re-watch the videos at your own pace until you reach your desired level of mastery

  • Full access to the class for 1 year


Trust a Pro

Laura has been teaching for us at Quilter’s Affair in Sisters, OR for years, she brings a life to the classroom like no other teacher.

With her sense of humor, patience and wealth of knowledge, the students leave her classes with a tool box filled to the brim with new techniques, laughter and friendship.

Laura is professional and approachable, always willing to help her students succeed. We love having her part of our team of teachers!

Repeat Students

I have had the privilege of taking numerous classes with Laura over the past 15 years in both a guild setting and at the International Quilt Festival.

I never tire of being in her classes because I always learn something new from her. Most important, she is a fabulous teacher who gives you 200%.

Her kits and instructions are complete. She is happy to help each student individually. The real joy in her class is that you can just compose, embroider or build your project at your own pace and she is so very happy to help and assist as needed.

She loves to let you 'try your wings' and if you are very, very lucky, you get a few songs to make it all worthwhile.

Try her, you'll love her!

Course curriculum

  • Welcome to Hand Embroidery Stitches with Laura Wasilowski
    3 Videos
  • Chapter #1. Right-Handed Embroidery Stitch Directions
    22 Videos
  • Chapter #2: Left-Handed Embroidery Stitch Directions
    22 Videos

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