Create Wallhangings From Your Quilts!

As a quilt artist known for her detailed animal portraits, Kerry Foster believes quilts deserve to be seen and make for spectacular wall art pieces. She has learned valuable tips and tricks to proudly put her own quilts on display, and now she is sharing what she knows with you.

This free class covers two ways to hang a wall quilt, with instructions on making corner triangles for mini quilts and sleeves for larger ones. Kerry shows you how to properly prep the back of your smaller quilts and add triangles. These triangles will hold a rod to create structure across the top of the quilt. Then she will show you how to make a sleeve for larger quilts and account for the size of the pole that will run inside, attached with simple hand stitching. Easy Peasy.

So gather up your Art Quilts or larger statement pieces and get ready to hang them up for all to see!

What you will learn

  • A FREE course for displaying small and large quilts

  • Learn how to make corner triangles for mini quilts and sleeves for larger ones

  • A foolproof hand sewing method for sleeves

  • Instructions for easy corner hanging triangles attached with the binding

  • Includes 1-year access to the course materials, direct contact with your instructor through in-course discussion rooms, and access to our private community boards where you can meet other Creative Sparklers.

Hang that Quilt!

Quilts deserve to be proudly displayed! This free course shows you two ways to hang both small and large quilts.

  • Free classes expire after 1 year. You can signup again for the class after expiration. Paid classes do not expire.