Iconic Jacket Made to Fit You

This iconic jacket is about to become your new go-to wardrobe staple. We don’t make the rules… that’s just how it goes once you put this on. Perfectly proportioned to fit without binding or sagging, our Hanten Short Jacket is versatile enough to wear for your everyday grab-and-go alternative to a hoodie or to dress up for work or really strut its stuff in finer fabrics at a more high-falutin-fancy-pants (yes, you heard us) event.

Once you make one, you'll want a few of them in different fabrics and colors. But let's start at the start with a contemporary rendition of the traditional Hanten with boro-inspired layered patchwork and graphic lines of sashiko stitching.

First time making a garment? Have no fear! Through class sessions and course discussion rooms, we will walk you through the process from measuring yourself to making the first fabric cuts. We’ll then take you step-by-step through the details of patch placement where you can choose our layout of find one that suits your own tastes. Next, we’ll move on to the sashiko stitching that brings it all together and we’ll finish off with final construction. By the end, all that’s left to do is for you to wear your new creation with pride!

Pick a Payment Option That Is Right for You!

All options include 10 hours of in-depth, personalized, LIVE instruction with your instructors. All sessions are recorded for viewing later and available for 1 year.

  • $199.99

    $199.99Hanten Short Jacket LIVE Make-a-long with the Shibaguyz

    What's included? Live instruction, active discussion rooms, FREE ebook, access to the recordings for 1 year ... all provided with the wit and wisdom of Shannon and Jason.

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  • 4 x $50.00

    4 x $50.00Hanten Short Jacket LIVE Make-a-long with the Shibaguyz

    Join the fun with just four easy payments of $50! This offer ends August 1st, 2021. Payments are made monthly.

    What's included? Live instruction, active discussion rooms, FREE ebook, access to the recordings for 1 year ... all provided with the wit and wisdom of Shannon and Jason.

    Four Easy Payments

Class Schedule

The Hanten Jacket course is a multi-day workshop with independent class work between sessions. You will receive a total of 10 hours class instruction over the 4 months. You will also have access to the course discussion rooms to ask questions between classes and get answers quickly so that your stitching doesn't stop.

There are five 2-hour instructional sessions with the class meeting every four weeks. The sessions are on the following Tuesdays always starting at 2pm Pacific Time:

  • 08.03.21 – 2pm – 4pm PT (2 hrs)
  • 08.31.21 – 2pm – 4pm PT (2 hrs)
  • 09.28.21 – 2pm – 4pm PT (2 hrs)
  • 10.26.21 – 2pm – 4pm PT (2 hrs)
  • 11.23.21 – 2pm – 4pm PT (2 hrs)

All of the sessions are recorded and available for viewing afterwards. You will have access to the video recording for 1 year from the end of the course.

Required Materials and Supplies

Here are all the materials and supplies you will need to create your own Hanten Short Jacket. The Shibaguyz offer an optional kit that includes sashiko thread and some of the tools you will need (details below).

Required Text:  A copy of Boro & Sashiko: Harmonious Imperfection available here or directly from the authors here. An eBook version is included in the course.

Fabric: The amounts needed are outlined in the book Boro & Sashiko: Harmonious Imperfection. 

Threads and Tools:

  • Clover Long Type Sashiko Needle - or equivalent
  • Clover Adjustable Ring Thimble - or equivalent 
  • Sashiko thread: Recommended - Aurifil cotton 12 wt thread in color(s) to match or coordinate with your chosen fabric
  • Fabric marking pen
  • Ruler/quilting ruler
  • Fabric glue (we use Elmer's Washable Glue Sticks)
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Hand Sewing Thread : Recommended - Aurifil 50 wt thread
  • Clover kuroha thread snips
  • Plastic grid (5 or 7 Count Grid works best) or quilting ruler to draw grids on your fabric

Optional Kit of Threads and Tools ($20): ORDER YOUR KIT HERE

  • 1 small spool Aurifil 12 wt thread in White
  • Long Type Sashiko Needles 
  • Adjustable Ring Thimble with Plate
  • White Marking Pen
  • Plastic grid (5 or 7 Count Grid works best)

Live Instruction, Direct Feedback, Fabulous Fun

These classes are Live with a recording of the Zoom Class available for 1 year after the last class date. As soon as you enroll, we recommend watching any intro videos and reading instructions to prepare your materials.

  • 10 HOURS of LIVE instruction of 4 months plus interactive discussion rooms to ask all your project questions

  • Join a tight-knit community of stitchers, create a boutique quality jacket and have FUN while learning!

  • Make this versatile and beautiful Hanten Jacket unique to you... your color choice and fit for you

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Find a New Passion

You said this was addictive, and you're right.

I've converted a corner of my bedroom to use as my stitching spot. Bought a floor lamp for good light and a firestick so I can have trash tv on in the background

 It is every bit as relaxing and soothing as you claimed.

Get Stitching

Hey, Shibaguyz!!

I am having so much fun playing with boro and sashiko stitches and finding everything that might need 'mending' in my and my kids’ wardrobes.

I learned several things that I didn’t know that I didn’t know!

Inspiration and New Skills

Good afternoon Shibaguyz! In case y’all haven’t heard it enough, your class is the best ever and I had a wonderful time and learned so much.

I just got a little treasury of sashiko patterns and am excited to do a sampler!

Again, thank you so much for teaching an awesome skill!