Create the Perfect Indigo Vat for Dyeing

Create gorgeous pieces of fabric art! In this course, you will go on a journey to learn the artistry of shibori and to use indigo dye on fabrics with ease. Shibori, from the root word "shiboru," means "to wring, squeeze and press" in Japanese. Shibori is a dyeing technique that uses one color and produces unique patterns on fabric. In this course, you will become a master at a vat method designed for light fast and wash fast fabrics. Debbie Maddy is a shibori artist and indigo dyer who has traveled the world learning from masters in this art. Passionate about shibori, she is an enthusiastic and skilled teacher who enjoys creating a fun learning environment.

Learn how to set (make) an organic fructose indigo vat. Debbie walks you through all the supplies needed to make a successful vat and properly measure ingredients and mix the vat. You’ll be equipped with easy methods for identifying a ready vat, making samples to verify the vat is prime to dye in, and preparing fabrics for the best dye results. 

What you will learn

  • Create an indigo vat to begin your journey as a shibori artist

  • Learn all the supplies and ingredients to make an indigo vat — no harsh chemicals are needed

  • Debbie walks you through a vat method designed for fast, light fabric washes

  • Properly preparing fabrics for the best dye results

  • Includes access to course videos, downloads, the Creative Spark private community, and discussion with your instructor. Your course content does not expire.

Supply Kit Available

Not sure where to purchase your supplies? You can order a kit with all of the ingredients for the fructose vat. It includes organic natural indigo, fructose powder, and calcium hydroxide powder. Everything is pre-measured and ready for a 4 1/2 gallon vat. Available on Debbie's website.

Organic Indigo Vats

Begin your shibori journey with the creation of an organic indigo dye vat.

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    Stitch Resist for Shibori & Organic Indigo Vat Bundle

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Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to Setting a Natural Indigo Vat

    2 Texts

  • Introduction

    1 Video 1 Download

  • Equipment & Ingredients

    2 Videos

  • Setting the Vat

    3 Videos

  • Testing the Vat

    1 Video

  • Fabrics and Fibers to Use

    1 Video

  • Thank you and Inspiration Pieces

    1 Video 1 Text