Symmetry and Complex Designs Demystified

Kaleidoscope - the word itself encompasses change, beauty, and surprise. And that is what you will get when you join Paula Nadelstern as she takes you on a journey of her career to becoming a world-renowned art quilter. You’ll go on a colorful ride, exploding with visual excitement, as Paula shares how her kaleidoscope designs have evolved during her 30+ year career - using the 12 featured quilts in her 2023 calendar as a guide. 

Get a close-up look at the design strategies that are the heartbeats of Paula’s quilts—symmetry and serendipity laced with abundant color—to trigger lots of “what if” questions that lead to a happy ending.

Photo credit for Cover Image: KALEIDOSCOPIC XLIV Continue to Continue and KALEIDOSCOPIC XLI The Prague Spanish Synagogue Ceiling  goes to Adi Talwar

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Kaleidoscope Quilts: The Art of Paula Nadelstern

Hear design strategies and stories behind 12 Kaleidoscope quilts of Paula Nadelstern in this lecture presentation; a true celebration of color, symmetry, and artistic vision.

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