Stitch A Kogin Tree For the Home

Welcome to the enticing embroidery practice of Kogin-zashi. Kogin-zashi is a traditional Japanese embroidery technique that originated over 200 years ago in Northern Japan. Kogin-zashi utilizes a basic running stitch to make small geometric motifs that can be stitched separately or used to build larger, more complex, mesmerizing patterns. One such modern adaptation is the Kogin Tree which combines basic modoko (kogin motifs) and larger motifs into a stunning representation of an evergreen tree. Shannon and Jason's Kogin Tree pattern updates the notion of the classic holiday home décor embroidery project by utilizing 70 individual modoko combined to make a glorious Kogin Tree. 

In this beginner-friendly workshop, you will start by reviewing the pattern and the basic kogin stitching techniques used. Then, Shannon and Jason will give you a few professional tips to increase the efficiency and accuracy of your stitching. The pattern comes in three sizes for you to choose from that can be framed or incorporated in other home decor projects and gifts. Once you have your stitched masterpiece, learn how to display your Kogin Tree as a wall hanging or throw pillow. 

The workshop includes both the downloadable Kogin Tree digital patterns with full instructions, individual modoko, and a shopping guide for supplies. Perfect for all crafters interested in Kogin-zashi, get ready for a meditative project that makes a great gift for the holidays. We promise you'll walk away from the class inspired to stitch up your own Kogin Tree for the holiday season ahead… or for any time you want a unique, handmade project to adorn your home.

What you will learn

  • Learn the basics of kogin-zashi

  • Get inspired to stitch up a kogin tree for the holiday season or for any time you want a unique, handmade project to adorn your home

  • Make a Kogin Tree for yourself or as a gift

  • Learn how to turn your masterpiece into a stunning wall hanging or a snuggly pillow

  • Includes access to course videos, downloads, the Creative Spark private community, and discussion with your instructors. Your course content does not expire.

Grab an Optional Kit for Vibrant Red Kogin Fabric

The workshop comes with a downloadable Kogin Tree pattern with full instructions, over 30 individual modoko motifs, and a shopping guide for supplies. 

Optional kit with red kogin fabric, white 12 wt thread, needle and thimble is available at Shannon & Jason's Online Store.

Make Your Own Kogin Tree

Craft a beautiful Kogin Tree with modoko and kogin motifs.

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to Make Your Own Kogin Tree

    2 Videos 1 Text 2 Downloads

  • Tools and Fabric

    2 Videos

  • Preparing Fabric and Thread

    2 Videos

  • Stitch Your Kogin Tree

    3 Videos

  • Final Thoughts, Review and Share

    1 Video 2 Texts