A Note From Laura

Come into my home studio as I show you how to build a house. You are the architect, landscaper, and home decorator—no need to leave your comfortable chair. With fabric, needle, and colorful thread, we create your whimsical house in the woods the easy way with hand embroidery stitches.

Hand embroidery is an art form rich in color and texture. Designs bloom and grow as you create. Join me in a celebration of handwork and stitch this small scene of serenity, your little house in the woods.

Hear What This Course Is All About

Start Building Your Little House Today

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    $59.99Little House in the Woods with Stitch Library

    This bundle includes the Little House course AND Laura's Stitch Library for Right and Left Handed Crafters. You get access to these classes for 1 year.

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What to Expect and What You Will Learn

  • 90 minutes of video teaches you how to stitch and build your own little house...step by step.

  • Exclusive pattern found here only, inspired by the cover of Laura's new book! Plus you get her eBook for FREE as well!

  • Learn the ins and outs of embroidery on felt or wool fabrics using pearl cotton threads

  • Create embroidered freestanding shapes with concentrated stitchery. Transfer simple pattern shapes to make elaborate stitched shapes

  • Step-by-step directions to make ten hand embroidery stitches. Want more stitches? Laura includes access to her Hand Stitching Library as well!

  • Be inspired by viewing variations of the Little House in the Woods design... so many fiber architects!

  • Ask Laura questions in Lesson-by-Lesson Discussions

  • Full access to the class for 1 year

And because we love a cherry on top - let's talk extras.

+ FREE Playful Free-Form Embroidery eBook + EXCLUSIVE Little House Pattern based on the book cover + Access to Laura's Stitch Video Library for right and left handed folks

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to the course!
    2 Videos 1 Download 1 Survey
  • Chapter #1 Tools, Supplies, Fabrics, and Threads
    3 Videos
  • Chapter #2 Cut the Fabric Shapes and Stitch the Cloud
    1 Video
  • Chapter #3 Stitch the Grass and Flowers
    1 Video
  • Chapter 4 Stitch the House
    2 Videos
  • Chapter 5 Stitch the Trees and Shrubs
    1 Video
  • Chapter 6 Stitch the Sun
    2 Videos
  • Chapter 7 Add the Border Fabric and Stitch the Water
    2 Videos
  • Chapter 8 Stitch the Sky and Edging
    1 Video
  • Chapter 9 Add the Backing and Stitch the Border Fabric
    1 Video
  • Chapter 10 Finish Little House in the Woods
    1 Video
  • Next steps
    1 Survey



Laura’s presentation was filled with energy, creativity, and beautiful quilts. Laura sang and shared her amusing songs with us and showed us her bright, colorful quilts from her large quilt collection. Laura also showed us the steps to creating a fused quilt and her process with fusible web. It was a delightful hour-long presentation, and our members truly enjoyed it.

Infused with Joy

I have taken several classes with Laura over the years. The upbeat mood in each class, the sharing of her contagious enthusiasm made each session a treat and an infusion of joy.


I had the pleasure of taking a class with Laura a few years ago. I came away so inspired.  She has a gift of explaining the techniques in such a pleasing way. The hand-dyed yarns are so yummy. Happy colors and a fun class. Looking forward to more classes and tutorials.