Learn Perfect Piecing with this May Chappell Favorite

Half Square Triangles (HSTs) and Flying Geese are the essential building blocks of many traditional and contemporary quilt designs. Lee Chappell Monroe, the host of Creative Spark's The Quilting Hour, is an expert quilter who is here to break down each step of the blocks essential for every quilter's basic toolkit. Learn the best practices to cut, stitch, trim, and assemble these elements. Master these blocks and you, my friend, are unstoppable. 

Not only do you walk away with an understanding of HSTs and Flying Geese construction, but you will use the Lulee's Garden Quilt pattern to learn how to put the blocks together in a cohesive design. Each block of Lulee's Garden has quite a few elements. Fret not! Lee breaks down each section into bite-sized steps so you can easily follow along. She walks you through marking and stitching multiple HSTs and Flying Geese, then shows you how to press the quilt's rows to ensure your finished quilt top is well pieced and flat. By the end of the course, you will understand quilt planning, from choosing fabrics and placements to developing a pressing plan. 

What you will learn

  • Create a pressing plan for all quilt projects for achieving flat blocks

  • Gain Lee's expert tips and tricks to accurately cut, piece, and press HSTs and Flying Geese

  • Create your own Lulee's Garden Quilt to made with HSTs and Flying Geese

  • Learn to use a cutting chart for precise fabric pieces correctly

  • Understand how to stitch multiple HSTs and Flying Geese to one another while maintaining your points

  • Includes 1-year access to the course materials, direct contact with your instructor through in-course discussion rooms, and access to our private community boards where you can meet other Creative Sparklers.


Includes Lee's Lulee's Garden Quilt pattern you can use to follow along with the course. 

Lulee’s Garden Quilt: Perfecting Your Piecing Series

Perfect your piecing in just one course! Level up your quilt-planning skills by exploring fabric choice, placement, and pressing plans. As you master HSTs and Flying Geese, you will learn to stitch them to one another while maintaining your points.

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to Lulee's Garden

    1 Video 1 Text

  • Chapter 1: Materials

    1 Video

  • Chapter 2: Pressing & Cutting

    4 Videos

  • Chapter 3: Making a Pressing Plan

    1 Video

  • Chapter 4: Making Half Square Triangles

    5 Videos

  • Chapter 5: Making Flying Geese

    9 Videos

  • Chapter 6: Assembling the Units

    6 Videos

  • Chapter 7 Assembling the Block

    5 Videos

  • Closing

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