Take a Moment to Reset and Recharge Your Creative Spirit with Six Restorative Projects

Without overstating the point, all of THIS <waves arms about wildly> can be a bit much at times. But you know what? We are makers. And makers have the superpower to slow down time and take a moment to reset and recharge. By simply picking up the tools and materials of our craft, makers can stop the insanity flying about threatening to destroy our peace and calm. In the interest of protecting our equanimity and restoring that peace, we present our new series called Maker’s Moments.

Maker’s Moments features six projects that don’t require a high level of concentration or a huge commitment of time. Pick them up when you feel the brain clutter building up and start creating without giving too much thought to anything but the movements of your hands.

Don’t worry about finishing these under the pressure of a self-imposed deadline. We designed projects that can be picked up and put down easily without a significant time commitment and without losing your place if you are called upon to save the Universe… again.

Each project includes a video tutorial with step-by-step instructions and an accompanying project sheet with detailed written instructions including stitch patterns and templates needed to complete the project.

Pick up a project, have a little maker’s moment to cleanse your energy, then put it down when you are recharged and ready to put on your cape again and save the Universe. Allow yourself a moment to let your hands take over and let your creative brain do the driving for a while. Take a Maker’s Moment. 

See details of each project further down the page!

What you will learn

  • Six Maker's Moments projects are designed to be easy to pick up and put down for a moment of peace

  • Harness your creative superpowers while saving your sanity

  • Make six gorgeous, giftable projects centered around the Japanese textile arts of sashiko, boro, and kogin-zashi.

  • Includes access to course videos, downloads, the Creative Spark private community, and discussion with your instructor. Your course content does not expire


Each video tutorial includes a downloadable project sheet with written instructions and any additional pattern charts or templates needed to complete the project. 

Special bundle option for folx new to sashiko: Purchase three of Shannon and Jason’s basic sashiko stitch courses for only $5 more!

Maker’s Moments

Take time for yourself with six easy slow-stitching projects for mindful making with Shannon and Jason.

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  • Maker's Moments with Special Sashiko Bundle

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    • Maker's Moments
    • Hitomezashi Sashiko – Rice Stitch
    • Moyouzashi Sashiko – Woven Bamboo
    • Kogin-zashi – This is Kogin-zashi

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome

    2 Texts

  • Project Sheets and Downloads

    1 Download

  • Introduction

    1 Video

  • Kogin Walnut Charms

    4 Videos

  • Boro Book Cover

    4 Videos

  • Boro & Sashiko Coaster Set

    5 Videos

  • Kogin Bookmarks

    3 Videos

  • Kogin Ornaments

    4 Videos

  • Sashiko Ornaments

    5 Videos

  • Closing Thoughts and Thank You

    1 Video 1 Text