Perfect Pup Portraits with Kerry!

Paint-by-Number quilts are made using a freezer paper technique to create complex designs and then finished with turned edge machine appliqué. This process makes it easy to follow an intricate pattern with great results! Kerry Foster literally wrote the book on Paint-by-Number quilts which contains the instructions for four different wild animal designs and she continues to make new and fun patterns of pets and other animals. Kerry is passionate about this technique and she is excited to teach you all about it!

In this class, Kerry shares her signature style with you and talks you through every single step of the process. Kerry shows you how to follow her Paint-by-Number patterns that are helpfully laid out with color keys and diagrams. She also takes out all the guesswork in fabric choice so that you can sew animal portraits with sophisticated areas of light and shadow. It’s easier than you might think - put it all together without matching points and there’s no sewing until you quilt!

What you will learn

  • Make one or all four dog portraits from the provided patterns from start to finish - either as mini quilts or pillows

  • Learn easy turned edge appliqué without handwork

  • Put together a color palette from your stash or scraps and identify fabrics that work well for contemporary pictorial quilts

  • Quilting Confidence! -- Gain confidence in free motion quilting without over-thinking

  • Apply these skills and techniques to any of her patterns including the FREE pattern pack included with the course

  • Includes 1-year access to the course materials, direct contact with your instructor through in-course discussion rooms, and access to our private community boards where you can meet other Creative Sparklers.


Make More Than Just Dogs!

+ Exclusive Dog patterns: 4 pups to choose from!

+Want help with your fabric choice? -- Upload a photo and Kerry will give you feedback on the colors and prints you've picked!

+ FREE eBook of Kerry Foster's book, Paint by Number Quilts ($17.99 Value): Kerry's pattern pack containing a bear, fox, buck, and badger are included with her class. Kerry also has other designs available for purchase including a cat, a mouse, a rabbit, and more. Click to see her other patterns!

Paint By Number Quilts: Dog Portraits

Make pups with turned edge appliqué using glue & freezer paper. Learn how Kerry chooses fabrics, creates the design, & makes mini quilts & pillows. Put together without matching points or sewing complex shapes- no stitches are added until you quilt!

  • $59.99

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  • Paint By Number Quilt: Design and Create Bundle

    So many folks requested an additional class on designing your own pattern that Kerry created it. Get both classes, bundled at a savings! Save $15 with this bundle! It includes:

    • Design Your Own Paint By Number Quilt ($29.99)
    • Paint By Number Quilts: Dog Portraits ($59.99)

  • 3 x $25.99

    3 Payments

    Get the complete Paint By Number Quilt: Design and Create Bundle with just 3 easy monthly payments. Pay first payment now and the remaining a month apart from the enrollment date. See the Support/Q&A page for more information.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction

    1 Video 1 Text 2 Downloads

  • Preparation

    4 Videos

  • Fabric Choices

    3 Videos

  • Let's Start Piecing

    3 Videos

  • More Piecing Tips and Tricks

    7 Videos

  • Basting and Quilting

    4 Videos

  • Finishing

    5 Videos

  • You're Finished!

    1 Video 1 Text