Create Lovable Canines

I love using contemporary or modern fabrics in my work, and especially for making animal quilts! The fabrics mean they’re not hyper realistic like batiks might be, but the designs are colour blocked and accurate so they’re not cartoonish. The result is a mid century, paint by numbers look. 

I’m excited to share my signature style with you and talk you through every single part of the process. I hope you enjoy making one - or all - of these pups.

By the end of class you’ll have taken away skills you can apply to any of your other patchwork projects, whether choosing fabric, basting wall hangings or machine binding.

My course is designed to teach you my signature, no stitch, turned edge appliqué style, but also show you additional techniques you can carry through your other work. -Kerry

Perfect Pup Portraits with Kerry!

Your Course Includes:

  • Over 122 minutes of video teach you how to quilt your pet portrait with confidence...step by step

  • Learn easy turned edge applique without handwork

  • Make one or all four dog portraits from the provided patterns from start to finish - either as mini quilts or pillows

  • Put together a color palette from your stash or scraps and identify fabrics that work well for contemporary pictorial quilts

  • Want help with your fabric choice? Upload a photo and Kerry will give you feedback on the colors and prints you've pick!

  • Gain confidence in free motion quilting without over-thinking

  • Apply these skills and techniques to any of her patterns including the FREE pattern pack included with the course

  • Ask Kerry questions in Lesson-by-Lesson Discussions

  • Full access to the class for 1 year

Ready To Create Some Critters?

  • $59.99

    $59.99Paint By Number Quilts: Dog Portraits

    This self-directed course includes active community and instructor discussions. Access for 1 year.

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  • $74.99

    $74.99Paint By Number Quilt: Design and Create Bundle

    So many folks requested an additional class on creating your own pattern that Kerry created it. Get both classes, bundled at a savings!

    Save $15 with this bundle! 

    It  includes:

    • Design Your Own Paint By Numbers Quilt ($29.99)
    • Paint By Number Quilts: Dog Portraits ($59.99)

    You have access for 1 year to both courses.

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And because we love a cherry on top - let's talk extras.

  • FREE eBook of Kerry Foster's book, Paint by Number Quilts ($17.99 Value)
  • 4 dog patterns - Creative Spark exclusives!

Make More Than Just Dogs!

Kerry's pattern pack containing a bear, fox, buck and badger are included with her class. Kerry also has other designs available for purchase including a cat, a mouse, a rabbit and more. Click to see her other patterns!

Himalayan Cat Pattern

Course curriculum

  • Introduction
    2 Videos 2 Downloads
  • Preparation
    4 Videos
  • Fabric Choices
    3 Videos
  • Let's Start Piecing
    3 Videos
  • More Piecing Tips and Tricks
    6 Videos
  • Basting and Quilting
    4 Videos
  • Finishing
    5 Videos
  • You're Finished!
    1 Video

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