See How to Create 40 Quality Stitches!

Whether you're a new stitcher or looking to expand your stitch library, you'll be ready to tackle just about any embroidery project that comes your way. Most patterns only require a few basic stitches, so this embroidery stitch library not only fits the bill but prepares you for creating intricate, stunning designs and patterns. Catherine Redford has been teaching many embroidery classes coast to coast. Her expertise makes her video tutorials easy to follow for makers of all experience levels. 

The ultimate video guide to embroidery stitches! Catherine starts with basic supplies you will use in embroidery and how to tie a perfect knot. Next, she shows you how to stitch variations of 40 embroidery stitches with clear explanations and tips on how to have quality stitches. Each stitch is organized in alphabetical order so you can quickly find the one you want to create. There are two versions of the library included with each class, one for right-handed folks and one for the left-handed makers. There are 160 minutes of video examples for each hand!

What you will learn

  • 40 embroidery stitches including different type of chain stitches, fly stitches and more

  • Instructions are for both left and right handed makers

  • Learn the proper needle and thread to use for each stitch

  • Make a perfect quilter’s knot

  • Close up videos you can replay over and over again to help you perfect your stitch

  • Includes access to library videos, the Creative Spark private community, and discussion with your instructor. Your library content does not expire.

Get This Library as a BONUS

Included with Catherine's other classes

Did you know that Catherine includes this library with her other classes? She does! Check out Let's Fly: Wool Appliqué with Embroidery Embellishments and Folk Art Embroidery with Stitch Library where Catherine shows you great projects to use your stitches on. Both are bundled with this stitch library!

Catherine Redford's Extensive Embroidery Stitch Library

Course Curriculum

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  • Chapter 1: Getting Started

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  • Right Hand Stitches (RH)

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  • Left Hand Stitches (LH)

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