Fall in Love With Dresdens

The Dresden quilt block is a classic pattern that makes quite a statement when featured in a quilt! These “blocks” are made up of wedges sewn into a circle and are astonishingly easy to sew. Author and instructor Candyce Grisham shares her expertise and passion for creating these circular pieces and how to use them in your quilting and sewing projects!

In this class, you will learn to make these timeless plates using a template, but Candyce will also show you a glimpse at the endless variations possible as she helps you unleash your creativity! Candyce guides you on how to pick out fabric, cut the wedges, create the circles, finish edges in 5 different ways and make pieced units within the wedges. You will never look at a Dresden Plate the same again! The blocks are machine pieced and the appliqué of the blocks can be done by machine or hand. You don’t have to be an experienced quilter to make Dresdens, even an adventurous beginner will have fun and be successful!

What you will learn

  • To cut and sew wedges to create a 20-wedge Dresden plate block

  • Next, gain variety -- Create 5 different styles of plate edges to maximize your design possibilities!

  • Uncapped potential! -- Vary the sizes of the Dresden plates for the project or effect you desire

  • Pick fabric and determine color, value, patterns that complement each other

  • Complete the block with a perfect center circle.

  • Add your plates to wall hangings, quilts, pillows, and bags...using either hand or machine appliqué techniques

  • Includes access to course videos, downloads, the Creative Spark private community, and discussion with your instructor. Your course content does not expire.


+ FREE eBook included with the course. Dresden Quilt Blocks Reimagined ($19.99 Value)

This eBook contains twenty-five design elements, including the four different edge treatments, the range of sizes (2”–9 1/2”), and the amazing variety of traditional (and nontraditional) patterns, from the sawtooth to the flying geese.

Reimagined Dresdens

Make the Dresden quilt block: fabric wedges are sewn into a circle. Learn to make new, fun, contemporary blocks or plates using a simple template and your creativity. Make different edges, sizes, or pieced units… the combinations are endless.

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to Dresden Quilt Blocks Reimagined!

    2 Videos 1 Text 1 Download

  • Chapter #1 Cutting and Sewing Wedges to Create a Dresden Plate

    4 Videos

  • Chapter #2 - Curved & Three Sided Plates, Centers

    4 Videos

  • Chapter #3 - Dresden 201 Blocks - Pieced Blocks

    4 Videos

  • Putting it All Together

    3 Videos

  • A Round of Applause... and Many Thanks!

    1 Video 1 Text