Fall in Love With Dresdens

Create striking Dresden quilt blocks as you discover how to select fabric, cut wedges to create the circles, and finish edges 5 different ways. Candyce Grisham shows you how to embrace the art of Dresdens with personalization options to make the design(s) your very own. You'll bring your Dresden plate to life as you create dazzling edge finishes and a centerpiece motif with wedges with Candyce's guidance every step of the way. Enjoy the options and the freedom to design with color, pattern, and shape!

"I have taken the vintage Dresden quilt block and reimagined it in fun, modern, unique ways. I have been sewing a long, long time and nothing has excited me like these Dresden plates. The creativity and play are endless. I cannot wait to show you how to do them and see what you come up with!” -Candyce

Hear What This Course Is About

It's Time to Piece Your Wedges!

  • $49.99

    $49.99Reimagined Dresdens

    In this pre-recorded and self-directed course, Candyce teaches you how to create multiple types of Dresden plates. Instructor and Student Community Discussions are included. You will have access for 1 year.

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Your Course Includes:

  • Step by Step Instruction - 65 minutes of fun, easy to follow video teach you everything you need to know

  • Any confident beginner can do this. Wedges are made using a template and then sewn by machine into a Dresden plate.

  • Learn what makes great fabric combinations and how to determine which colors, value, patterns will complement each other

  • Cut your 20 wedges in a variety of sizes. Learn how to make pieced units within a wedge too.

  • Create 5 different edge finishes for the Dresden plates and complete it with easy center circles

  • Applique your finished Dresden plates on quilts, small wall hangings, pillows and more... by machine or by hand. Learn how Candyce evaluates her final creations

  • Engage with Candyce through Q&A and in Lesson-by-Lesson Discussions

  • FREE eBook included with other Downloads & Supply List

  • Full access to the class for 1 year

And because we love a cherry on top - let's talk bonus.

FREE eBook included with the course. ($19.99 Value)

The eBook contains twenty-five design elements, including the four different edge treatments, the range of sizes (2”–9 1/2”), and the amazing variety of traditional (and nontraditional) patterns, from the sawtooth to the flying geese.

Why We Love Candyce!

Happy Student

Candy is one of the best teachers.  She explains everything and helps where needed.  She is patient and obviously enjoys what she is teaching.

If You think the Book was awesome, wait for the class!

This is the most exciting quilting book I’ve purchased in a long time!! It has the most unique way of creating Dresden plate patterns I have ever seen. The authors use of colors is so vivid. The many ways of doing them goes on and on. I have become addicted with making them. The actual sewing of them doesn’t take much time at all.

Best. Class. Ever.

Wow.  This was the best class ever.  We shared in Candy’s joy and passion about Dresden plates.  She is a thorough, patient teacher and everyone came away happy.