Discover the Colorful Transitions of Ombré

Ombré fabrics are gradient fabrics full of color. Let's create beautiful quilts with ease as you become more color confident. Stick with me and I will share the magic of working with ombrés to create this stunning reversible table runner. Plus extensive instruction on construction, finishing and matchstick quilting. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned sewists. -Jennifer

Let's Embrace Color Together!

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  • $79.99

    $79.99Boost Your Color Confidence with Ombré Fabrics

    In this pre-recorded and self-directed course, Jennifer shares extensive instruction on color, design, construction, finishing and even matchstick quilting. Instructor and Student Community Discussions are included. You will have access for 1 year.

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  • $179.99

    $179.99Boost Your Color Confidence 2 Day Workshop: March 13 & 14, 2021 @ 9am PST

    Reserve your space today for this 2 day LIVE workshop. This workshop combines the self-directed course with Live Zoom classroom time. The classes run each day from 9am-12pm. 

    This is a new format where we will spend two days together. On Saturday we will kick things off at 9am PST and get you well on your way to piecing and designing your runner. Lots of color discussion. You'll have Saturday afternoon to work on your own. On Sunday we will come together from 9am to Noon to boost you towards finishing this lovely project.

    This add on course includes:

    • Your private workshop Zoom link (See Lesson titled Live Zoom Class)
    • How to prep in advance to get the most out of our time together
    • Discussions  are enabled in the lessons for you to ask questions ahead of time of both me and fellow students. We will use the day of course to continue learning and sharing. I will spotlight students so we can see your work and ask questions (providing you are comfortable) 
    • My private number to text in case you need to contact her during class if other means aren't working. 
    • Class size is limited to 20 so you'll get plenty of attention. By course end we will have built a wonderful community of makers.
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Your Course Includes:

  • Step by Step Instruction -160 minutes of excellent, fun video teach you everything you need to know

  • Ombré Color Techniques Revealed - Jennifer teaches the secrets of ombré to get gorgeous results

  • The Power of Placement - Discover new fabric arrangements to learn more about color/value relationships

  • Strengthen Skills with Ease - Learn how to get complicated results by applying simple methods beginners will love

  • Engage with Jennifer through Q&A and in Lesson-by-Lesson Discussions

  • FREE eBook included with other Downloads & Supply List

  • Full access to the class for 1 year

And because we love a cherry on top - let's talk extras.

  • FREE eBook includes 5 Additional Projects ($17.99 Value) 
  • Color & Design Tips
  • Envelope Style Finish
  • Matchstick Quilting for Designer Look
  • Get the same ombrés Jennifer uses - link to her shop 

Why We Love Jennifer's Classes

Inspiration & Satisfaction

As a repeat student of Jennifer Sampou, I appreciate and enjoy her ability to combine heartfelt instruction with color play magic.

She includes inspiring instruction on how the value and intensity of color is an intricate part of a beautiful textile project. Her easy going and ‘have fun’ approach to the skills in a class help ease student anxiety about challenging tasks.

I have always felt a great sense of accomplishment when creating a quilt or table runner in her classes.

Best Online Class yet!

Technique classes are my favorite classes rather than project classes, but this class was both, and I LOVED this format! The short video segments were perfect for my style of learning, and easy to back up and repeat if I missed something or need a review. So much better than slogging through an hour of video to find the 30 second segment needed. Jennifer Sampou is a warm, easy-going and patient teacher who listens, rather than enforcing her way of doing things. I am so happy with the table runner that I made in this class, and plan to sign up for more classes as time allows. Thank you for a great experience!


Today was awesome. I love how authentic you are in the videos and I feel like I am right there with you. Other recorded classes I have taken felt too produced, but love yours. The playing with color was awesome and listening in and seeing you work with each of us was very helpful. In a traditional class this is sometimes done 1 on 1 but on Zoom it was great to learning from each person. Even though I have been sewing for over 11 years your tips for sewing and pressing were a great refresher. I look forward to watching it again looking at (and trying)  the matchstick quilting.

Positivity, Creativity, & Encouragement

I have taken many classes (4+) from Jennifer and am always eager to be a student in whatever class she offers.

The positive energy she shares along with her attention to student needs makes her an inspiring and helpful teacher.

She is mindful of the whole process of creativity and encourages students to be aware of and use their individual gifts and ideas to produce a unique piece of work.


Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to my course!
    2 Videos 1 Download 1 Survey
  • Chapter #1: Get to know Ombre Quilts, Table Runner Project and fabrics used
    9 Videos
  • Chapter #2: Working with Cut Fabrics to Create a Stunning Design
    4 Videos
  • Chapter #3: Ready! Set! Sew!
    7 Videos
  • Bonus: Some of My Favorite Tools
    1 Video
  • Chapter #4: Making the Cool Side of the Table Runner
    3 Videos
  • Chapter #5: Finishing- Sewing the Two Sides Together
    8 Videos
  • Congratulations and a Sneak Peek!
    2 Videos 1 Survey

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