Sincerely, Jason & Shannon!

Ever since we first set eyes on those first Japanese textiles mended and reinforced with gorgeous sashiko stitches, we have been gloriously hooked. And, now, we love that we have this opportunity to share our passion for this handwork artform with you, our students!

Come along with us and we will start off by giving you the context for the content with a look into the history of sashiko and why the Japanese people developed this crucial skill. Then, we’ll introduce you to the foundation blocks needed to start your own sashiko journey that will culminate in your proficiency with the iconic first stitches of hitomezashi and moyouzashi style sashiko.

If you thought this was all about visible mending, you are in for a pleasant surprise as you discover this versatile artform that started with, yes, mending and reinforcing fabrics and now is practiced in quilting, sewing, mending, and the textile and fiber arts. No experience necessary! All you need is a few simple tools and your own two hands and you will be connected to the Japanese makers who came before us to create your own versions of hitomezashi and moyouzashi sashiko stitches. STITCH ON!! -Shannon & Jason The Shibaguyz

Grab Your Needle and Start Stitching!

Needle, Thread, Fabric? Let's go!

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Your Course Includes:

  • 169 minutes of video teach you how to stitch with confidence...step by step

  • We’re Setting You Up For Success - to ensure your immediate success and the long term application of your skills, we give you full instruction needed to not only read and follow any Hitomezashi or Moyouzashi stitch charts but to also draw your own versions of these iconic stitches

  • From a detailed explanation of the the tools, thread, and fabric used, to making sure your “unshin” - handling the needle - skills are on point (see what we did there…on point?) - Together, we make sure you are ready to create your own masterpieces using iconic sashiko stitches

  • Iconic Stitch Patterns - We’re giving you crisp, clear, step-by-step instruction for how to make iconic Hitomezashi and Moyouzashi stitch patterns to start you on your own sashiko journey and inspire your creativity

  • Interested in Visible Mending? Sashiko is the Japanese original visible mending used to repair, reinforce, and beautify textiles - Like the original stitchers, you can easily take these techniques and use them in any modern visible mending

  • Create With Your New Skills - Imagine using these rich, complex sashiko stitch patterns in your quilting, embroidery, garment making, and mending… or maybe you’ll find a new application that really excites you! - Apply your new handwork skills to the projects in our book, Boro & Sashiko - Harmonious Imperfection

  • Side By Side Learning - Our conversational teaching style makes it seem as if we are standing right next to you helping you learn and develop your skills - Come with us on this journey and explore the possibilities of where these iconic first stitches can lead you

  • Ask the Shibaguyz questions in Lesson-by-Lesson Discussions

  • FREE eBook included with other Downloads & Supply List

  • Full access to the class for 1 year

And because we love a cherry on top - let's talk extras.

  • FREE eBook ($23.99 Value) 
  • 30 Sashiko and Boro Designs
  • 9 Contemporary Projects
  • Tips and Techniques

Find a New Passion

You said this was addictive, and you're right.

I've converted a corner of my bedroom to use as my stitching spot. Bought a floor lamp for good light and a firestick so I can have trash tv on in the background

 It is every bit as relaxing and soothing as you claimed.

Get Stitching

Hey, Shibaguyz!!

I am having so much fun playing with boro and sashiko stitches and finding everything that might need 'mending' in my and my kids’ wardrobes.

I learned several things that I didn’t know that I didn’t know!

Inspiration and New Skills

Good afternoon Shibaguyz! In case y’all haven’t heard it enough, your class is the best ever and I had a wonderful time and learned so much.

I just got a little treasury of sashiko patterns and am excited to do a sampler!

Again, thank you so much for teaching an awesome skill!

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to Our Class!
    2 Videos 1 Download 1 Survey
  • Chapter #1. Tools
    1 Video
  • Chapter #2. Materials
    2 Videos
  • Chapter #3. Preparing to Stitch
    7 Videos
  • Chapter #4. The Iconic Stitches: Hitomezashi Sashiko
    8 Videos
  • Chapter #5. The Iconic Stitches: Moyouzashi Sashiko
    6 Videos
  • Next steps
    1 Video 1 Survey

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