Transform Imperfections into Unique Works of Art

Tear in your favorite dress? Cat scratches on the curtains? Rip in a loved pair of jeans? Recovering clothing and home décor is a gateway into embracing sustainable fashion and can result in unique treasures in your closet and home. The secret ingredient? Sashiko. A type of Japanese embroidery, sashiko has been around for hundreds of years; it is decorative and reinforcing, with stitches functioning as a means to repair and enhance preloved or damaged textiles. With a mastery of sashiko, Shannon Leigh Roudhán and Jason Bowlsby, authors of Boro and Sashiko: Harmonious Imperfection, show you how to transform accidental imperfections into unique works of art using both moyouzashi-style sashiko running stitches and the hitomezashi sashiko pattern rice stitch. 

Begin the course with a beginner-friendly introduction to sashiko mending and an overview of the tools and materials needed. To get you started on the right foot, you will learn how to properly thread and hold the needle. Next, Shannon and Jason guide you through reading a rice stitch pattern and setting up a practice swatch to hone your skills. They demonstrate how to do the rice stitch from start to completion, passing along handy methods gleaned from years of experience. After you have practiced the stitch, you can follow along as Shannon and Jason apply a sashiko patch to a pair of denim jeans. The versatile skills taught in this course set you up to successfully mend your wardrobe and home décor to have a “new” or one-of-a-kind look without contributing to excess waste. 

What you will learn

  • Take part in the sustainable fashion movement by learning how to give clothing and home and décor a longer life

  • Get insights from sashiko experts and bestselling authors Shannon and Jason on using small-scale motifs and visible mending practices

  • Learn the basics of moyouzashi and hitomezashi sashiko, incorporating simple geometric patterns into your repairs

  • Go beyond mere fixes and transform your garments into visually stunning pieces

  • Upcycle preloved garments and other thrifty fabric finds into a unique piece reflective of your creative style

  • Includes access to course videos, downloads, the Creative Spark private community, and discussion with your instructor. Your course content does not expire.

Visible Mending with Sashiko

Learn the art of visible mending with sashiko—an easy, inexpensive, and artistic approach to repairing and enhancing your clothing and home décor.

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to Sashiko Mending

    1 Video 1 Text

  • Tools and Materials

    1 Video

  • Rice Stitch Basics

    4 Videos

  • Preparations for Mending

    3 Videos

  • Sashiko Patch on Denim Jeans

    3 Videos 1 Text