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Quilters use our art, sometimes, to depict what's happening in the world around us.  When I saw images of the Covid-19 virus, with its round shape with funky protuberances, I knew I had to draw it. I was in no way making light of the havoc caused by the virus—rather, this is one way of trying to makes sense of the situation we find ourselves in. The designs are loosely based on images of the Covid-19  virus. Each step pushes the abstraction further.  

Early in the pandemic, I offered the free pattern on my site, pieceocake.com, and the videos on YouTube. I am happy to offer the pattern and videos together here, where they are ad-free, as my contribution to help quilters create a memory quilt for this crazy time in our lives.

These video lessons offer a quick, but comprehensive, look at a variety of applique techniques. If you are interested in more in-depth instructions, please do consider taking a class with me on Creative Spark.

If you enjoy these videos, please do check out my other classes on Creative Spark! -Becky

This Treat Is Just Too Sweet

Here's some of what Becky has cooked up

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Blocks are 6" x 6", 8" x 8", and 16" x 16" finished size. You are welcome to enlarge or reduce blocks to suit your project. These blocks can be made by hand or machine. Use applique, wool applique, embroidery, painting, and/or any other method that interests you.

Becky's Gift to Quilters

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Create New Meaning

  • Quilters have always made art that reflect their current world, Becky Goldsmith has transformed the coronavirus into a quilting pattern to express our current climate

  • Quick and comprehensive look at a variety of hand and machine appliqué techniques

  • Tips on color and design

  • Learn how to sign your quilt with machine quilting

  • No cost. No ads. This is an opportunity to express yourself freely during stressful times

  • Enjoy Becky’s style? Be sure to check out her many courses available on Creative Spark!

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Becky is a warm, informal speaker, and at the same time very organized. We were impressed with her careful allotment of time to each phase of building our Bullseye panels, giving clear instruction, then having you come back together for each section to be fully explained and questions answered.

You come away with confidence to finish your Bullseye, but also collect so many tips and suggestions from her lifetime experience as an educator, author and business owner.

A thoroughly positive experience!

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Becky is not only a friend but one of the best teachers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is upbeat and always supportive of her students. She offers help and encouragement to everyone in her classes.

Becky gives clear and easy-to-follow instructions in class and she shows you exactly what you need to see to be successful. She listens to her students, and answers questions thoughtfully. Becky’s students finish class with big smiles on their faces and confidence in themselves.

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