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Sergers are a wonderful sewing tool, but so many sewists find them intimidating.

I created Sergers Made Simple: Basics and Beyond to help aspiring serger enthusiasts learn to love their sergers – by making things simple.

Every lesson focuses on the essential knowledge and skills you need to understand your serger and enjoy using it to create. As you progress through the course you will build on what you have already learned in a natural progression, so that each new skill is easy to learn.

I am very excited to join you on your serger journey, and look forward to guiding you to complete serger confidence. -Katrina

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  • $184.99

    $184.99Sergers Made Simple: Basics and Beyond

    This self-directed course includes active community and instructor discussions, free ebook and access for 1 year.

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Your Course Includes:

  • Over 7 hours of video teach you how to handle a serger with confidence...step by step

  • Construction techniques for a variety of home decor, fashion accessories, and garments, including scarves, table runners and a tote bags.

  • Perfect class for anyone wanting to learn to use their serger or simply to gain more serging confidence, this comprehensive course teaches the serger from the ground up

  • Starting with the most basic components and building skills and knowledge as you progress - each step along the way is carefully explained and filmed in close detail to ensure easy learning

  • Learn methods appropriate for all brands and models of sergers, whether a very basic mechanical serger with 3-4 threads or a computerized 5+ thread model

  • Both air threading and traditional threading for all serger thread combinations are shown step-by-step

  • Specialty techniques such as rolled hems and flatlocking are also taught, along with fun variations of these stitches

  • Ask Katrina questions in Lesson-by-Lesson Discussions

  • FREE eBook included with other Downloads & Supply List

  • Full access to the class for 1 year

And because we love a cherry on top - let's talk extras.

  • FREE eBook of Katrina Walker’s book, Serger 101 + From Setting Up & Using Your Machine to Creating with Confidence + 10 Projects & over 40 Techniques ($19.99 Value)

Why We Love Class with Katrina

Trust a Pro

Katrina Walker is a true expert in her field.

With her clear, concise and thoughtful instruction, she is an excellent teacher who considers all skill levels in her approach. Katrina takes on any challenge, making seemingly easy work of the most difficult materials.

Always prepared for any question, Katrina has a friendly demeanor and positive attitude that combine to help her students gain confidence to further their skills.

Whether it’s in-person, on video or written on a page, Katrina’s teachings are top notch!

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to Sergers Made Simple: Basics and Beyond
    3 Videos 1 Download
  • All About Your Serger
    4 Videos
  • Threading Your Serger
    8 Videos
  • Serger Stitch Savvy
    6 Videos
  • Serging with Confidence
    7 Videos
  • Building Serger Skills: Shapes
    3 Videos
  • Serger Project: Coaster and Holder Set
    1 Video
  • Serger Project: Basic Serger Bags
    5 Videos
  • Serger Skill Building: Flatlocking
    6 Videos
  • Serger Project: Fabulous Flatlocked Table Fashion
    3 Videos
  • Serger Skill Building: Rolled Hems
    5 Videos
  • Serger Project: Textile Transformations
    1 Video
  • Serger Project: Lettuce Lover Scarf
    2 Videos
  • Serger Skill Building: 5 Thread Sergers
    5 Videos
  • Serger Project: Marvelous Market Tote
    9 Videos
  • Keep on Serging Ahead!
    1 Video

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