Fall in Love with Sewflakes

Snowflakes are typically a type of papercraft that combines folding and paper cutting to create a wide variety of designs that resemble the unique shapes of real snowflakes. Creative Spark instructor and author, Kathy K Wylie rediscovered her love of paper snowflakes when she realized that they would make beautiful quilt blocks! Kathy transfers the same process of making paper snowflakes into making “Sewflakes” out of fabric and using them in quilt blocks and sewing projects. 

In this course, Kathy will show you how to create beautiful sewflakes in a wide range of designs and technique styles! Just like a traditional paper snowflake, you will be folding paper and cutting out shapes, but with sewflakes you move beyond simple paper and elevate your artistry with quilted papercut appliqué blocks. 

Using 6 different appliqué sewing options, each Sewflake features intricate designs- in medallions, blocks, or borders in a variety of snowflake shapes. Design original patterns in just a few steps: cut out a paper snowflake, turn it into a pattern or template, and then transfer it to the fabric. Vary the number of folds, play with symmetry, and try positive and negative images for a variety of looks - Kathy shares all the "angles"!

What you will learn

  • 5 ways to fold paper to create different snowflake effects

  • Instructions for 6 appliqué sewing options for your sewflake blocks including Freezer Paper, Apliquick, Needle-turn, Fusible, Cutwork and Starch

  • 8 techniques to add special effects including Embroidery, Buttons, Beads and More

  • How to pair your sewflakes with patchwork blocks and how to layer more than one sewflake

  • Not just your traditional snowflake quilt! Sewflakes come in many shapes for all seasons, including hearts, butterflies, leaves, and more.

  • Includes 1-year access to the course materials, direct contact with your instructor through in-course discussion rooms, and access to our private community boards where you can meet other Creative Sparklers.


+ FREE Sewflakes eBook (a $14.99 value)

+ Bonus Pattern Download: Gingerbread Friends

Design & Appliqué Sewflakes

Let it snow beautiful "sewflakes" on your quilts! Create beautiful, intricate designs to feature in your quilts - in medallions, blocks, or borders. Cut out a paper snowflake, make a pattern, then transfer to fabric – Kathy shows you all the angles!

Course Curriculum

  • Chapter #1 - Introduction

    3 Videos 1 Text 1 Download

  • Chapter #2 - Folding Paper

    6 Videos

  • Chapter #3 - Designing Sewflakes

    8 Videos

  • Chapter #4 - Preparing a Sewflake Pattern

    6 Videos

  • Chapter #5 - Sewing Sewflakes

    7 Videos

  • Chapter #6 - Creating Special Effects

    9 Videos

  • Chapter #7 Pairing Sewflakes with Patchwork

    5 Videos

  • Chapter #8 Sewflakes Projects

    11 Videos

  • Next steps

    1 Video 2 Texts