Transform Your Favorite Photo Into a Mosaic Quilt!

Mosaic Quilts take inspiration from tile mosaics, with scraps of fabric that create a “tile” effect. The pieces are typically placed in a grid or design layout to represent a scene or subject. When tackling a complex design, Timna is never one to back down. Her creative intuition and quilting experience make her an unstoppable guide to the intricate mosaic quilt. 

Make a pictorial mosaic quilt by breaking down the process one square at a time. If you have ever seen Timna's animal quilts and wondered how it was done, look no further! Choose your photo and prepare it to be quilt-ified! From machine appliqué to color choice, you'll master the basic skills needed to create your own Stitched Mosaic Quilt. Timna has a gallery of finished quilts you can use to kickstart your creativity if you're short of inspiration. 

What you will learn

  • A challenging quilt is accessible by breaking it down into small steps.

  • No drawing skills are needed with the Stitched Mosaic technique

  • Scrap friendly! The more scraps, the better.

  • Move out of your comfort zone and create the pictorial mosaic quilt of your dreams with Timna's encouragement and feedback

  • Quilting is often about connection, and this technique helps quilters commemorate special people, pets, or events in their lives

  • Includes access to course videos, downloads, the Creative Spark private community, and discussion with your instructor. Your course content does not expire.


Get feedback from your instructor on project process, color or fabric use, and more with a module made just for you.

Stitched Mosaic Quilting

Leave behind your drawing skills (if any) and follow along to easily create a mosaic quilt layout from any photograph. Each quilt comes together in manageable bite-size pieces by breaking down the process one square at a time. You’ll love this pictorial mosaic quilt to pieces.

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to Stitched Mosaics!

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  • Chapter 1: How Stitched Mosaics Started

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  • Chapter 2: Getting Started

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  • Chapter 3: Make Your Own

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  • Chapter 4: Gallery and Thank You

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