No Fear Knits with Barbara!

If you are familiar with woven fabrics but are nervous about sewing with knits, this course is for you.

In this first in a series, we will learn how to make a knit T-shirt or top with a ribbing or self-fabric neckband. This is a great introduction to the fabrics and the essential techniques unique to knit garment construction.

During this course you will gain an appreciation for how knits are different to work with than woven fabrics, but also that, once you know the tricks, knits make for fast, fun, and easy sewing.

After completion of this course you will be able to move on and sew a variety of great knit basics with ease, confidence, and professional results. -Barbara

Ready For A T-shirt Adventure?

Let's Go!

  • $49.99

    $49.99T-shirt Basics (Knits for Novices Series–part 1)

    This self-directed course not only includes Instructor and Student Discussions but scheduled Zoom sessions with Barbara. That's right! Live access to Barbara is included. 

    There is no included pattern in this course but plenty of advice on Barbara's preferred pattern companies.

    Access for 1 year.

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  • $89.99

    $89.99Knits for Novices Bundle (Part 1 & 2)

    A $10 discount when you buy two classes together! The Knits for Novices is a perfect series for folks wanting the knowledge of sewing knit garments. This bundle combines the T-Shirts course with the Core Garments course. For more details about the Core Garments course click here.

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Your Course Includes:

  • 180 minutes of video teach you how to sew and start designing with confidence...step by step

  • Understanding the different types of knit fabrics and feeling confident in your choice of the right fabric and pattern for a basic T-shirt or knit top

  • Stitch Knits - Be able sew a knit T-shirt or top with either a ribbing or self-fabric neckband with professional results

  • Understanding how sewing knits differs from sewing woven fabrics and having a strong toolbox of new skills for sewing any knit garment with ease and enjoyment

  • Terrific Finishing - Have a repertoire of finishing techniques, for cuffs, bands and hems suitable for a range of knit garments, casual to dressy

  • Learn what to look for in a pattern and find out Barbara's favorite pattern companies. There is no included pattern.

  • No Serger Required. Barbara shows you how to use any machine.

  • FREE Scheduled Zoom Q&A Sessions where Barbara answers all your questions on T-Shirts and knits. Ask Barbara questions in Lesson-by-Lesson Discussions

  • FREE eBook included with other Downloads & Supply List

  • Full access to the class for 1 year

And because we love a cherry on top - let's talk extras.

  • FREE eBook ($23.99 Value)
  • Live Q&A Sessions on Zoom with Barbara
  • Finding the right pattern
  • Mapping out your sewing strategy
  • Terms and Tips 
  • Cheat Sheet Downloads

Upcoming Q&A Sessions on Zoom With Barbara

Barbara is invested in your T-Shirt success! Join her on Zoom with questions and ideas, and she will share her expertise with you. As the year goes on Barbara, will add more dates! Current scheduled Q&A Zoom calls are:

  • Friday, December 4th, 2020 @ 6pm PST
  • Friday, January 8th, 2021 @ 6pm PST
  • Friday, February 5th, 2021 @ 6pm PST

Why We Love Barbara Emodi:

Big Sewing Knowledge

Barbara Emodi is a thoughtful, caring instructor who brings a breath of fresh common sense to her classes.

As a former student in her live classes, I have never left without learning something new. As a guest lecturer, her breadth of knowledge is superb and well researched.

I am sure as an online course presenter, her classes will be informative and never boring!

Personal Connections

I try to take every opportunity to learn from Barb Emodi. 

She 'thinks outside the box' when it comes to sewing and has so, so much information to share - which she does patiently and gracefully, all of it with a wonderful sense of humour!

Educational Fun

If you have an opportunity to attend or view one of Barb Emodi’s classes or presentations, say 'yes'.

Barb’s knowledge of all things sewing and her presentation style mean her workshops are educational and fun - time well spent.

Course curriculum

  • Welcome to My Class!
    2 Videos 1 Download 1 Survey
  • Chapter #1: Introduction to Knit Fabrics
    3 Videos 1 Download
  • Chapter 2:Patterns for Knit Tops with Neckbands
    1 Video 1 Download
  • Chapter #3. Stitching Knit Fabrics at the Machine
    2 Videos 1 Download
  • Chapter #4: How to sew a Neckband
    4 Videos 1 Download
  • Chapter #5. Completing your Top: Sleeves, Cuff and Hem Options
    4 Videos
  • Next steps
    1 Survey

Coming soon!

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