Quilt a Bear Paw Block with a Modern Twist

A classic quilt block, the Bear Paw is a combination of half-square triangles (HSTs), squares, and rectangles. Perfect for beginners who want to practice their HSTs, this block offers many ways to play with color placement and use up a fabric stash pile. Advanced quilters can find useful tips for precise seams and edges crucial for the “bear paw” motif to appear. Join lifelong creative and master quilter Sue Beevers in piecing together Bear Paw quilt blocks into a contemporary quilt perfect for any season. Do not be fooled by the simplicity of the block: the Bear Paw block and its resulting quilt offer endless design opportunities with variations of fabric placement, block rotation, and color. Sue will guide you through all of it and give you a unique perspective of negative and positive space on a quilt.

Begin the course with an introduction to the classic bear paw block and tips on choosing colors for the quilt. After creating a simple Bear Paw blocks, you will learn how to rotate the blocks to create different motifs and use color placement to play with the resulting motifs. Next, you'll learn how to make a Double Bear Paw block. Using the blocks you've made, you'll move on to instructions for putting together a contemporary quilt with valuable quilting suggestions to help guide the way. Finally, learn how quilting stitches are more than just holding layers together: they will enhance the quilt's design.

What you will learn

  • Learn how grouping and rotating a Bear Paw block can create a new motif.

  • Understand how to create positive and negative blocks, add extra squares, and sew a two-sided border.

  • Use the classic bear paw block to make contemporary quilts, with fun opportunities for color play!

  • Easily assemble a simple Bear Paw Block and a Double Bear Paw Block with step-by-step instructions.

  • Learn how color can make a motif look completely different and tips for selecting your quilt’s color palette.

  • Includes access to course videos, downloads, the Creative Spark private community, and discussion with your instructor. Your course content does not expire.


A downloadable 16-page handout with instructions for making the bear paw quilt block will be provided to all registered students. Sue includes a pressing plan as part of the pattern to help your blocks come together easily.

The quilt finishes at 72” x 85.5"

The Contemporary Bear Paw Quilt Block

Make a contemporary quilt with the classic bear paw quilt block. Discover how block placement in a group of rotated blocks creates new motifs.

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to The Contemporary Bear Paw Quilt Block

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  • Chapter 1 - Simple Bear Paws: Choosing Colors and Piecing the Simple Bear Paw

    6 Videos

  • Chapter 2 - Rotating and Modifying the Bear Paw Block

    6 Videos

  • Chapter 3 - Double Bear Paw Blocks

    5 Videos

  • Chapter 4 - Piecing the Quilt Top: Quilting Suggestions

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