Lively Conversations with Color Enthusiasts

After a long hiatus, Season 4 of The Quilting Hour is back and it’s all about COLOR! Each episode is a one-hour conversation that will explore color selection techniques and use with one to two special guests. Host and resident expert Lee Chappell Monroe of May Chappell will guide the conversation as you learn the best practices for picking palettes, expanding your color horizons, and working with color. You’ll learn the process from your favorite designers firsthand.

The discussions are a LIVE event and are recorded. The recording of each episode will become available a week after its live air date. Audience questions are encouraged during the live taping via group chat, so pick a discussion topic you want to learn more about, or better yet, sign up for the entire series! Read more about the topics and guests for Season 4 below.

Season 4 Episode Topics and Guests

Eclectic + Inspired Colors

May 10th at 12pm PT

Sometimes color choices become part of a designer’s signature look and two color geniuses who do it best are Jen Kingwell and Sue Spargo. The vivid colors of wool with bright stitching and interesting combinations scream Sue! Jen makes fifty different fabrics and colors sing in one block with maddening ease. Join these two gifted artists as we discuss their process from concept to stunning work of art! 

Special guests Sue Spargo and Jen Kingwell

A Full Range of Color

May 24th at 12pm PT

When just a few colors won’t do, use the whole rainbow. Special guest Alex Anderson will take us on a journey of color as she highlights making cohesive-looking scrappy quilts. Why does too much color sometimes look like a mess and sometimes sing? Alex always makes it sing (like a Broadway star!) and she’ll spill her secrets!

Special guest Alex Anderson

Limited Palettes for Maximum Impact

June 7th at 12pm PT

When your project calls for a few colors, choosing the perfect combination can feel daunting. Join two masters of working with smaller palettes with great success as we discuss the best strategy for finding the perfect combination of solids, prints and value. Through improv and traditional patchwork, Denyse uses bold graphic choices to create interest, while Daisy swirls her colors in curves. Both Denyse and Daisy are makers who use color as a vital tool.

Special guests Denyse Schmidt and Daisy Aschehoug

Creating Imagery through Color

June 21st at 12pm PT

Color always tells a story and no one paints the story quite like Timna Tarr. Using every color of the rainbow and probably every scrap of fabric available, Timna creates portraits that defy the medium of fabric. We will delve into these creations as well as her interesting use of color combinations in her graphic creations.   

Special guest Timna Tarr

So Cool, it’s Hot

July 5th at 12pm PT

Latifah Saafir uses color in high contrast to create unique quilts. From the clammy to meandering bias, she’s pushing the envelope of what fabric can do and using color to punch up the designs. Her bright palette crosses from warm to cool and red to blue as she makes dazzling patterns with concise, brilliant instruction. 

Special guest Latifah Saafir

Engineered Color Combinations

July 19th at 12pm PT

Outsiders might be surprised by the prevalence of engineers in quilters, but one look at the work of Cheryl Brickey and Yvonne Fuchs shows the power of an engineering background in quilting. While Yvonne finishes off her projects with exquisite precision to create powerful secondary designs and Cheryl uses her quilting to flatter her design choices, both rely heavily on color to make their bold designs stand out. Let’s explore how the engineering mind selects a palette. 

Special guests Cheryl Brickey of Meadow Mist Designs and Yvonne Fuchs of Quilting Jetgirl 

The Quilting Hour: Season 4

Hosted by resident expert Lee Chappell Monroe

  • All the episodes have live viewing options. After the presentation date, recordings will be made available within the Quilting Hour Season 4 course. Recordings don't expire.

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