Build a Village Without Leaving Your Comfy Chair

Hand embroidery is a relaxing and creative art form, full of color and whimsy. It is an art form that is compact, portable, uses few tools, and is meditative, but it is also a delightful challenge for an artist. Hand stitchery transforms fabric from a flat, plain surface into a world packed with color and texture and joyful pattern. This is what makes hand embroidery a passion for experienced instructor and bestselling author, Laura Wasilowski.

Join Laura in her Tiny Homes course to create your whimsical neighborhood with colorful fabrics and fanciful hand embroidery. Learn fun fusing techniques, how to create an original landscape design, and how to add hand embroidery stitches to embellish your art quilt. The result is your whimsical neighborhood placed in a colorful landscape setting.

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    $59.99Fused Art Quilts: Tiny Homes with Stitch Library

    Start building your Tiny Homes. Included with this course is Laura's Stitch Library full of video on numerous embroidery stitches. You will have full access to these self-directed prerecorded courses for 1 year.

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What You Will Learn In This Course:

  • How to fuse fabric and create collages to create fused art quilts

  • How to improvise and free-cut elements to create an original design

  • How to create compositions on 7 different backgrounds, including pieced, collage, and vignette designs

  • How to add hand embroidery to embellish the quilt. Included is Laura's Hand Embroidery Library for right and left handed folks.

  • How to bind the quilt with a fused binding

  • A special bonus pattern is included... Tree Houses!

  • Ask Laura questions in Lesson-by-Lesson Discussions. Full access to the course for 1 year.

And because we love a cherry on top - let's talk extras.

  • FREE Fusing Fun! Fast Fearless Art Quilts eBook (A $16.99 Value)
  • FREE Bonus Pattern Download: Tree Houses
  • Includes Laura's Video Stitch Library Course for Right and Left Handed People.

Love for Laura


Laura’s presentation was filled with energy, creativity, and beautiful quilts. Laura sang and shared her amusing songs with us and showed us her bright, colorful quilts from her large quilt collection. Laura also showed us the steps to creating a fused quilt and her process with fusible web. It was a delightful hour-long presentation, and our members truly enjoyed it.

Infused with Joy

I have taken several classes with Laura over the years. The upbeat mood in each class, the sharing of her contagious enthusiasm made each session a treat and an infusion of joy.


I had the pleasure of taking a class with Laura a few years ago. I came away so inspired.  She has a gift of explaining the techniques in such a pleasing way. The hand-dyed yarns are so yummy. Happy colors and a fun class. Looking forward to more classes and tutorials.