Build A Village Without Leaving Your Comfy Chair

Hand embroidery is a relaxing and creative art form, full of color and whimsy. It is an art form that is compact, portable, uses few tools, and is meditative, but it is also a delightful challenge for an artist. Hand stitchery transforms fabric from a flat, plain surface into a world packed with color and texture and joyful pattern. This is what makes hand embroidery a passion for experienced instructor and bestselling author, Laura Wasilowski.

Join Laura in her Tiny Homes course to create your whimsical neighborhood with colorful fabrics and fanciful hand embroidery. Learn fun fusing techniques, how to create an original landscape design, and how to add hand embroidery stitches to embellish your art quilt. The result is your whimsical neighborhood placed in a colorful landscape setting.

What you will learn

  • Fast, fun fusing! -- Learn the basics of fusing fabric and create fused art quilts

  • Design as you go! -- improvise and free-cut elements to create an original design

  • Create compositions on 7 different backgrounds, including pieced, collage, and vignette designs

  • Benefit from Laura’s years of experience and see how easy and fun it is to add beautiful texture and color with a large variety of embroidery stitches

  • You can even fuse your way to finishing, binding, and displaying your art!

  • Includes access to course videos, downloads, the Creative Spark private community, and discussion with your instructor. Your course content does not expire.


+ FREE Fusing Fun! Fast Fearless Art Quilts eBook (A $16.99 Value)

+ FREE Bonus Pattern Download: Tree Houses

+ Includes Laura's Video Stitch Library Course for Right and Left-Handed People.

Fused Art Quilts: Tiny Homes

Explore the many fun techniques of fusing: free cutting, collage building, improvisational design, and how to go to the edge and beyond. Learn methods of designing an original composition, plus the pleasure of adding hand embroidery to your piece.

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    This bundle includes the Hand Embroidery Stitch Library bonus course!

Course Curriculum

  • Introducing Tiny Homes

    1 Video 1 Text 1 Download

  • Bonus Pattern: Tree Houses

    1 Download

  • Chapter 1: Tools, Supplies, and Materials

    1 Video

  • Chapter 2: Rules of Etiquette from the Chicago School of Fusing

    1 Video

  • Chapter 3: Fuse the Fabrics

    1 Video

  • Chapter 4: Four Easy Collages

    1 Video

  • Chapter 5: Four Complex Collages

    1 Video

  • Chapter 6: Build Tiny Homes

    1 Video

  • Chapter 7: Three Basic Backgrounds

    1 Video

  • Chapter 8: Four More Backgrounds

    1 Video

  • Chapter 9: Prepare the Quilt Top for Hand Embroidery

    1 Video

  • Chapter 10: Add Hand Embroidery to the House

    1 Video

  • Chapter 11: Add Hand Embroidery to the Flower

    1 Video

  • Chapter 12: Add Hand Embroidery to the Fence, Ground, and Sky

    1 Video

  • Chapter 13: Bind the Quilt

    1 Video

  • Chapter 14: A Gallery of Tiny Homes

    1 Video 1 Text