Scrap Transformation

Are you looking at a sewing room full of scraps? No problem! Judy Gauthier is ready to teach you how to transform your scraps into original quilt artistry. 

Starting with color, Judy will take you step-by-step using several different methods on how to use a color wheel to pick your perfect color scheme. Then, using your color-theory-informed scrap collection, start constructing the treasure box block, a quilt block so versatile that you can’t help but revisit it again and again! 

The treasure box block uses fast stacking and cutting techniques that can be transformed into multiple layouts and divisions, making it possible to create a new and fun visual effect each time. One block, a simple cutting technique, and endless possibilities. Join Judy and turn scattered scraps into sensational quilts!

Start Using Your Scraps Today

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    $59.99Transform your Scraps: The Treasure Box Block

    This self-directed course comes with Instructor and Student Community Discussions, a free eBook, additional patterns and access for 1 year.

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Included in Your Course:

  • 3 hours of instruction & inspiration to use your scraps in creative ways

  • In-depth color theory instruction using a color wheel

  • Fast stacking and cutting techniques yield one complete block

  • One block, multiple variations, numerous designs

  • Free eBook and four additional patterns included

  • Ask Judy questions in Lesson-by-Lesson Discussions. Access for 1 year

And because we love a cherry on top - let's talk extras.

Free eBook Quilts for Scrap Lovers download + 3 additional patterns from Judy's other two books 

Loved by Quilters and Industry Leaders

Great addition to Creative Spark

In April 2017, Nancy Zieman and I invited Judy to be Nancy’s guest on a two-part Sewing With Nancy television series featuring Judy’s book, Rainbow Quilts for Scrap Lovers. Judy was organized and efficient and presented her projects with enthusiasm along with a practical approach for viewers to easily understand. 

Judy is always courteous, detailed and prompt with each of our many deadlines. In addition to her vast technical quilting knowledge, Judy also exhibits kindness. Our entire team enjoys working with Judy and we look forward to working with her on future projects.

Judy has a genuine interest in both the technical side and the quality of the end product. I feel Judy is a positive and essential member of our industry. I give her my highest level of recommendation without any hesitation.

@giucy_giuce is a fan of Judy too!

Judy Gauthier's skills as a sewist are unparalleled. She is not only a terrifically talented quilter, she is also a fabric designer, an accomplished quilt book author, and an expert sewing instructor. Judy shows command of anything she sets her mind to. She is able to make things that seem near impossible look easy to just about anyone willing to learn. 

She is the kind of person that empowers you to be better than you think you can be. I always look forward to seeing what Judy has been working on because it never fails to disappoint.

Course curriculum

  • Welcome to the course!
    4 Videos 2 Downloads
  • What you will Learn and Why?
    1 Video
  • What Constitutes a Scrap?
    1 Video
  • Organizing your Scraps Using the Scrap Decision Tree
    1 Video
  • Choosing the Colors for your Scrap Quilt
    1 Video 1 Quiz
  • Making the Treasure Box Block
    4 Videos
  • The House Divided Quilt using the Treasure Box Block
    3 Videos
  • Color Stratification with Scraps
    2 Videos
  • The Modern Anvil
    2 Videos
  • Packages, Boxes and Bows
    7 Videos
  • Split Screens
    3 Videos
  • True North
    3 Videos
  • What If? More Design Possibilities
    2 Videos