Transform Your Stash: Discover the Art of Fabric Weaving & Appliqué!

Join Jennifer Rapacki, an expert at the intersection of technology and quilting, as she guides you through the art of fabric weaving. Unlock the power of "Making Fabric from Fabric" as you learn to transform your stash and leftover materials into dynamic woven creations. These weavings can be used as backgrounds for art quilts as well as for other sewing projects like bags and decor.

Jennifer demonstrates innovative weaving techniques including both square and diagonal methods. The technique involves weaving raw edge strips of fabric on top of an iron-on interfacing base. Zig-zag stitching holds the edges down and the layers together. With your newfound weaving skills, you'll elevate garments, quilt backgrounds, pouches, purses, and more to greater levels of creativity and craftsmanship. Jennifer's expert guidance empowers you to utilize your freshly woven fabric in versatile ways, demonstrated through crafting stylish pouches and festive Christmas stockings with included patterns.

Jennifer’s Applique Techniques for Texture and Dimension complements this class perfectly. In that class, she will show you fun applique techniques to add to your woven backgrounds!

What you will learn

  • Master both square and diagonal weaving techniques

  • Fabric selection strategies for weaving projects

  • Utilize freshly woven fabric through crafting stylish pouches and festive Christmas stockings

  • Includes access to course videos, downloads, the Creative Spark private community, and discussion with your instructor. Your course content does not expire.

Patterns Included!

Patterns and templates are included for creating woven stockings and pouches!

Weave That! Fabric

Create stunning fabric designs! Learn fabric weaving & appliqué techniques, blending technology & quilting expertise.

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to Weave That

    2 Videos 1 Text 1 Download

  • Weaving Square: The Weaving Technique

    5 Videos

  • Pouch Project

    1 Video

  • Fat Quarter Christmas Stocking Project

    2 Videos

  • Weaving on the Diagonal: The Weaving Technique

    4 Videos

  • Quilt Background: Adding a Border to a Woven Piece

    1 Video

  • Thank You

    1 Text