Master West African Dyeing Techniques Without Traveling to Africa

With thousands of years of history, Indigo Resist Dyeing techniques are among the earliest textile arts. These techniques have been passed on for centuries from their origins in West African tribal areas where many still practice this traditional art and depend on it for their livelihood. There are two main steps to take before you start dyeing the fabric: cloth preparation and dye vat preparation. Your instructor, Lori Lee Triplett, will walk you through both of these steps and how to finish your fabric. Lori is a lecturer and instructor of many passions which include quilting, textiles, research, writing, and performing which she combines into fun and educational presentations.

Lori wants you to enjoy Indigo Resist Dyeing as much as she does, so join this course to learn all about the West African dyeing techniques without traveling to Africa. Lori leads you every step of the way through videos, written instructions, and her Indigo Quilts eBook, which is included in the course for free. So whatever way you learn best, you get in this course. First, Lori shares the rich history of Indigo Resist from Africa. Next, you'll learn 3 cloth preparation techniques: Oniko, Alabere, and Elecko, dye preparation instructions, and then you will finish the fabric. Simply take your time, enjoy the process, have fun and watch your creation bloom!

What you will learn

  • The history of West African Indigo and how to replicate the techniques...step by step

  • More about West-African culture through proverbs and the artistic skills the Yoruba tribe developed through centuries of Indigo Resist Dyeing

  • Examples of both new and antique indigo quilts to inspire your unique designs to create unique fabric!

  • Includes 1-year access to the course materials, direct contact with your instructor through in-course discussion rooms, and access to our private community boards where you can meet other Creative Sparklers.


FREE Indigo Quilts eBook included with your class (A $20.99 value)! Your eBook will let you step inside the Poos Collection of quilts, one of the largest privately-held collections in the world. Explore the origins of the fiber and fabric presented by two members of the American Quilt Study Group. Featuring stunning quilts circa 1750 to 1890, this collection of blue-and-white beauties will inspire you to make gorgeous quilt projects using present-day indigo or reproduction fabrics.

West African Indigo Resist Dyeing

Master West African dyeing techniques without traveling to Africa. Create the exact fabric you want for your next project. The dyeing techniques are easy and low-tech—it's all about being creative and enjoying the process!

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to My Course!

    2 Videos 1 Text 1 PDF 1 Download

  • Introduction to West African Indigo Resist Dye Class

    2 Videos

  • Cloth Preparation

    4 Videos

  • Dye Preparation

    1 Video 1 PDF

  • Finishing the Fabric

    1 Video 1 PDF

  • Complete

    1 Video 1 Text