Go Quilt Wild Over Multi-Image Fabric Panels

Discover the artistry of transforming a multi-image fabric panel into a simple one-block quilt design! Renowned for her expertise showcased in two books on panel utilization, Cyndi McChesney shares invaluable techniques to elevate and accentuate panel images within traditional quilt designs.

You'll learn about multi-image panels versus single large images as Cyndi shares the enchanting Windham Fabric panel, Wild North. Cyndi unveils versatile skills applicable to any multi-image panel of your preference, empowering you with the ability to infuse creativity into your quilting projects. 

Guided by Cyndi’s expertise, you’ll learn how to successfully piece the included Wild Critters Up North quilt pattern using an optional kit and how to adapt the pattern to other multi-image panels. Cyndi demonstrates how she chose the supporting fabric palette that highlights the panel images and how the successful layout of colors cascades across the quilt's surface.  From image preparation and adjustment to fitting within designated block sizes, Cyndi navigates the intricacies with finesse. Gain insights into trimming images, incorporating coping strips, and perfecting block alignment for a flawless finish. Witness the fusion of panel imagery with pieced blocks seamlessly integrated through half-square triangles to enhance visual impact. 

Join on a personalized journey with the feedback module, where Cyndi offers tailored guidance on utilizing your own multi-image panel to achieve results akin to those showcased in the course. You'll simply upload an image of your panel and supporting fabrics and Cyndi will strategize with you.

What you will learn

  • Master the art of pinpointing the perfect spot within a traditional quilt block to showcase panel images, elevating your quilting expertise.

  • Explore ingenious methods to effortlessly adjust panel squares, ensuring they seamlessly integrate into your quilt design with precision.

  • Unlock the secrets to swift and flawless half-square triangle construction, enabling you to sew two at a time and trim them to perfection.

  • Cultivate a captivating color palette inspired by your panel, with two layout designs to ignite your creative vision.

  • Includes access to course videos, downloads, the Creative Spark private community, and discussion with your instructor. Your course content does not expire.

Student Perks

This class includes the pattern Wild Critters Up North by Cyndi McChesney. If you love the fabric in the pattern, the Wild Critters Up North Quilt Kit is available from Connecting Threads.

A special Coping Strip Worksheet download helps you calculate needed coping strips when using other panel images and sizes.

In addition, there is a feedback module where you can share your panel with Cyndi for strategic purposes. 

Wild for Panel Quilts

Turn a multi-image fabric panel into a dynamic, one-block quilt with resizing strategies.

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome

    1 Video 1 Text 1 Download

  • Getting Started

    2 Videos

  • Fabric Preparations

    5 Videos

  • Half Square Triangles

    1 Video

  • Anvil blocks

    2 Videos

  • Quilt Construction

    3 Videos 1 Text