Learn Ways to Reduce Waste When Sewing

Join us for a two-part presentation with award-winning author and designer Liz Haywood hosted by Create and Sustain. In an effort to positively impact the environment, Liz discovered a zero-waste method of garment making and design in 2017.

Liz's keen eye and decades of commercial garment making merge into an environmentally friendly alternative to using commercial patterns built on the goal of reducing the amount of fabric wasted.

Liz will discuss how she discovered and utilized zero-waste pattern cutting during the first recorded lecture. She then offers an overview of the zero-waste design process and highlights the ways zero-waste patterns differ from traditional pattern making. 

Want more of the green conversation? Stay and hear about: 

  • - How to create a pattern in multiple sizes
  • - Our current scrap generation
  • - Zero waste vs. fit and appearance
  • - Hurdles and wins in making zero-waste patterns

After watching the first lecture, you'll probably have questions and thoughts — and they are more than welcome! Questions can be submitted directly from the course and shared with Liz, who will answer your questions when she records the second lecture. (Oh, how technology can connect people from different time zones!)

Examples of Zero Waste Patterns

Every year, millions of tons of textiles end up in landfills around the world.

Create and Sustain is educating makers that want to create more sustainably; guided by the simple idea that we can create beautiful and thoughtful things without hurting the environment.

They are finding and sharing creative ways to keep fabrics and fibers out of landfills. By using our collective voices, we can work together to create a positive impact on the environment. 

The Story: 

Patty Murphy, Kristi McDonough, and Jennifer Sampou came together with an idea to highlight the quilting, sewing, and crafting communities while promoting sustainability to help preserve our world. The three women were inspired by global activists and decided to put their vision into action.

Kristi, Patty, and Jennifer were initially planning a two-week blog and Instagram tour but the idea received such positive feedback from makers and companies during Fall Quilt Market 2019 that this small idea quickly grew, and Create and Sustain was born.

Create and Sustain's Mission Statement:

To provide education to the public focusing on creative and sustainable quilting, sewing, and crafts via workshops, demonstrations, discussion groups, lectures, exhibits, special programs, and the distribution of creative and sustainable information through written media and the Internet.

The Mission: We believe that through art and education, we can help shift environmental changes with our collective voice in the quilting, home sewing, and craft industries.

The Goals: 

  • - Celebrate companies that are making environmentally sound decisions
  • - Highlight designers that use environmentally safe products and/or design sustainable items
  • - Create a community for makers to become educated advocates for change, support designers that create sustainable items, and collaborate on creative and sustainable ideas

Support their environmental movement with a donation! 

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Zero Waste Sewing: A Create and Sustain Special Event

C&T Publishing and Creative Spark believe in being responsible stewards of the environment. 100% of the revenue of this event will go to Create and Sustain.

  • Choose your level of giving. The access to the event is the same. Access to the lecture will be on August 18th. 

    100% goes to support Create and Sustain

  • 100% goes to support Create and Sustain

  • 100% goes to support Create and Sustain

  • 100% goes to support Create and Sustain

  • 100% goes to support Create and Sustain

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to Create and Sustain's Special Presentation

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  • Part 1: The Zero Waste Sewing Lecture

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  • Part 2: Q&A Follow Up

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