Barbara Emodi


  • Sewing Author
  • Seasoned Educator
  • Designer

Barbara Emodi sews, writes, and teaches in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She has taught sewing classes in Australia, Canada, the United States, and online, and has written extensively for a number of sewing magazines. She is also a past contributing editor of Threads and for many years wrote a monthly column for Australian Stitches.

Barbara sews everywhere she goes. Many of her published works were made on her travels, where she worked on picnic tables in campgrounds all over North America with the supervision and assistance of her extended family.

Barbara continues her journalistic endeavors writing about and sharing her sewing and "ordinary" life on her blog,

Love Learning From Barbara


Barbara Emodi is a thoughtful, caring instructor who brings a breath of fresh common sense to her classes.

As a former student in her live classes, I have never left without learning something new. As a guest lecturer, her breadth of knowledge is superb and well researched.

I am sure as an online course presenter, her classes will be informative and never boring!


I try to take every opportunity to learn from Barb Emodi. 

She 'thinks outside the box' when it comes to sewing and has so, so much information to share - which she does patiently and gracefully, all of it with a wonderful sense of humour!

Educational Fun

If you have an opportunity to attend or view one of Barb Emodi’s classes or presentations, say 'yes'.

Barb’s knowledge of all things sewing and her presentation style mean her workshops are educational and fun - time well spent.