Carol Wilhoit


  • Lover of gradations
  • Quilt Engineer
  • Lifelong learner

Carol Wilhoit, a retired physician, channels her technical mind into quilting, striving to simplify construction for better results. She excels in organizing and utilizing fabric stashes, enhancing the joy of quilting. Passionate about small projects like zipper bags and table runners, she loves the creativity they inspire. Carol delights in sharing her quilting wisdom, witnessing students' "Aha!" moments as they discover easier techniques for stunning results.


Sheer Excellence

Thank you so much for your recent machine quilting classes at the local quilt shop. Like all of the classes that I have taken with you, it was SHEER EXCELLENCE. Your level of preparation, handouts, and presentation are absolutely perfect. As a former educator myself, I admire you on every level.


Thank you, Carol. I'm a first time quilter, with a new sewing machine and your classes are wonderful! I appreciate how well balanced your classes are - just the right amount of information, practice, and valuable tips and information. I enjoy the virtual format because I have everything at my fingertips at home and can use my new machine. Thank you for sharing! I'm looking forward to quilting.


Thank you, again, Carol for these resources and for an excellent class. I thought the virtual format was excellent and well organized. It was fun to be all set up at home and having time to try the samples out as they were explained. All of your examples and clear explanations were very helpful to me, a beginner. I am now way more confident from before class started, and I know I'll practice so I can apply what I'm learning when quilting my table runners and future quilt projects.

Impressive and Organized

Thank you for a great workshop today. I was so impressed with how organized you were and how clear your instructions were. The handout you gave us is fabulous! I really feel like I can practice at home and I will know what to do. A number of the attendees were saying the same thing. It was a very enjoyable day! Thanks again.

Love your Teaching style

I’ve always liked the walking foot and now I feel liberated.  I appreciate the fact that you include so many small but important tricks or techniques that others omit and your suggestions are so important. I haven’t attended a class in years conducted in such an organized, forward looking, structured yet calm manner. Not really able to really express how much I enjoyed my class experience and all of the resources and information you gave. I look forward to more of your classes.