Catherine Redford


  • Author
  • Embroidery Instructor
  • Quilter

Catherine moved to the United States with her husband and their four school age children in 1995 in search of an adventure! A maker since birth, Catherine discovered quilting and made it her mission to learn as much as she could in the hopes of turning it into her dream job.

Dreams do come true! Catherine is now a national award winning quilter, an international teacher, and an author. Dragged into the Zoom era, she has been reaching the new world where everyone has a front row seat, teaching many classes coast to coast, sometimes both coasts on the same day.

Catherine lives in Naperville, Illinois with her husband of more than 40 years. Steve has learned to check for needles before he sits down on the family room settee.

Hear From Catherine's Students ....


Catherine is a wealth of knowledge, particularly for traditional techniques, which means I always get more than I bargained for out of her classes. I’ve taken many classes with her so far—English Paper Piecing, folk art embroidery, fabric scrap bowls, Dorsey buttons, Dorset Feather Stitchery, and beginning quilting. They’ve all been awesome learning experiences. 

Catherine is patient and is able to break down the steps clearly, and keeps the classes entertaining and enjoyable. One of her strongest qualities is that she’s able to give her students the permission to play and have fun while still grounding us in solid technique. I highly recommend any class on any topic you can grab with her!!            


I’ve taken several of Catherine’s classes in the past year and have continued to learn many techniques that have proven useful in other areas. From walking foot quilting (which really taught this novice machine stitcher A LOT!); wrapped in scraps fabric bowls; folk art embroidery (taken twice); to the addictive Dorset buttons and its complimentary Dorset Shirtlace buttons, every class has given me great joy. 

Catherine is extremely patient, very thorough and has introduced her students to supplies which I certainly didn’t know existed. No matter where you are in your hand or machine sewing, Catherine’s expertise and creativity will encourage you to find your own inner fiber artist. I cannot recommend her classes enough.