Christen Brown


  • Mixed Media Maven
  • Renowned Teacher & Author

Christen Brown teaches embroidery, crazy quilting, ribbonwork, mixed media, and beadwork in her best-selling books. With a degree in fashion design, she has shown her work in galleries and fashion shows internationally. She continues to create, experiment, and experience all that she can, especially with techniques and designs of embroidery, quilting, ribbonwork, mixed media, and beadwork. Her goal and wish through this incredible journey is to continually grow, be surprised and inspired, and create new and relevant pieces.



I first had this book from my library looking for some new direction with my stitching. To my surprise there was direction for left and right-handed stitches. All of the 500 stitch directions! I am left-handed and sometimes it is not easy to convert a stitch in my head. I bought this book and have tasked myself to learn many of these stitches. Thank you for your book.


Good coverage of subject matter. Author is well established and published. Interesting book to read and gather ideas for future projects.


This is one the best organized embroidery books I have.
The way she combines and groups stitches is very different from my other books.
I also like how she throws in color theory for the projects.
So many pages and I’m so impressed.
Basically people use the same stitches in embroidery but it’s the color and how you group them that makes them interesting.


Absolutely wonderful! Great detailed stitch instructions and a good basic lesson about the different kinds of beads. The projects are well documented too.


This hand embroidery book has clear directions for every stitch. It is probably the best of the currently published embroidery stitch books I have come across. I finally understand how to do the chevron stitch! As someone who has been stitching since I was six, I liked that a beginner or a seasoned stitcher could benefit from this book.