Creative Spark Loves Guilds & Retail Stores

We Think You Will Love Us Too

We are excited to have guilds and retailers be part of the Creative Spark experience. Our instructors have found that running workshops using a combination of pre-recorded course material and LIVE Zoom interaction has actually created an experience that far exceeded their students’ expectations. We have included some feedback from students on this page as well as a form to request more information on availability and cost. Some of the benefits include:

  • A more affordable way to have guest instructors because there are no travel costs you have to incur.
  • Students don’t have to lug their machines and have their usual creative space already set up.
  • Retail stores are encouraged to kit fabric and sell their notions to compliment the courses as well.
  • Retail customers far and near can attend and you are not limited to your physical location.
  • Our instructors have flexible schedules because they don’t have to travel.
  • Retail owners just set it up and the rest is run by Creative Spark and the Instructor. We even have images and content for your newsletters.

So take a moment to visit our Instructor Pages and all the different courses they offer on Creative Spark. Make a list of what you are interested in and fill out the form below. We will get back to you within a couple of business days. 

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Students That Took Live Workshops

Ombré Workshop

Today was awesome. At first I thought watching the videos would be weird but after the first one I felt it was perfect. I love that we have the videos to watch again which I am doing tonight. 

I love how authentic you are in the videos and I feel like I am right there with you. Other recorded class I have taken felt too produced but love yours. The playing with color was awesome and listening in and seeing you work with each of us was very helpful. In a traditional class this is sometimes done 1 on 1 but on Zoom it was great to learning from each person. 

Even though I have been sewing for over 11 years your tips for sewing and pressing were a great refresher. I tend to sew too fast but for this I slowed down and took great care in pressing which shows in the end result.  I look forward to watching it again looking at (and trying)  the matchstick quilting, as I have a Longarm it has been over 8 years since I used my domestic machine for quilting.

Bullseye Hit the Target

Becky "visited" our guild for an evening lecture, followed by two days of workshops–one her “Bullseye” and the second a wool applique project. She is a warm, informal speaker, and at the same time very organized. Prepared packets of supplies were distributed, along with information on why she makes these product choices. 

We were impressed with her careful allotment of time to each phase of building our Bullseye panels, giving clear instruction, then having you come back together for each section to be fully explained and questions answered. Her use of the camera and projection equipment was outstanding–as are the many instructional videos on her website. 

You come away with confidence to finish your Bullseye, but also collect so many tips and suggestions from her lifetime experience as an educator, author and business owner. A thoroughly positive experience!