Cindy Grisdela

Fiber Artist, Improv Quilter, Teacher

Cindy Grisdela is an award-winning fiber artist with over 30 years of experience creating eye-catching quilts. Fascinated with color, Cindy likes to use fabric the way a painter might use paint, and draws inspiration for her contemporary quilts every day from the colors and textures she sees outside her studio window overlooking a lake in Reston, Virginia. Not knowing exactly how a design is going to turn out before she starts is one of Cindy’s favorite parts of the improvisational process - anything can happen, and that's exciting! She encourages her students to embrace the process and let go of the rules to discover their inner creativity.

A Quick Message

From Your Creative Spark Improv Artist!

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Why Cindy's Classes Rock

Step out of your comfort zone

"I've enjoyed working my way through this project in my attempt to step out of my box. Thanks for providing the guidance through this course!"

Experiment with Color

"Cindy tends to work with bright fabrics and loves graphic designs and lines in her quilts. This allows for the improv aspect of her quilts to shine. Improv is not new, but for some it can difficult to know where to start. 

Cindy unlocks helpful design principles that allow the reader some direction as they work, and she also provides information about the mechanics of putting the pieces together so that you get the look you want. By mastering her techniques, you will become more confident in sewing without patterns. Quilting adds another layer of interest and texture, and this aspect is also covered in the book. 

Even experienced art quilters can use the ideas to experiment with color and design."