Jennifer Rapacki


  • Tech Saavy
  • EQ Wiz
  • Fabric Lover

Jennifer Rapacki's journey into the world of technology began amidst the dawn of the PC revolution, where her innate talent for swiftly grasping new computer software and concepts paved the way for a rich and diverse career in Computer Information Systems. With a keen aptitude for navigating MAC, UNIX, and Windows systems, Jennifer's expertise spans both software and hardware domains. Graduating from Purdue University in 1979 with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, she later expanded her academic horizons with an MBA from the University of Phoenix in 1985.

However, Jennifer's passions extend far beyond the digital world. From a young age, she found solace and joy in the art of sewing, initially as a garment maker before evolving her craft into the world of quilting. It was in 2008 that Jennifer's two worlds—computing and sewing—collided when she discovered printing her own fabric at home for her quilting projects.

Driven by her desire to share her knowledge and experiences with fellow enthusiasts, Jennifer answered the call of her quilt guild, delivering enlightening talks about inkjet printing on fabric at home and leveraging tools like Electric Quilt. These presentations evolved into her acclaimed lecture series on "Modern Technology for Quilters," which she has been sharing with quilt guilds since 2010.

Jennifer's commitment to empowering fellow quilters extends beyond the digital realm. Alongside her computer quilt design workshops using Photoshop Elements, Electric Quilt, and FraxHD, she teaches a variety of hands-on classes, including the artful creation of unique fabric using raw-edge strips, the delicate art of Tatting, and her innovative Peekaboo Fabric Reverse Appliqué technique—a fusion of couture buttonhole methods with quilting.

In all her endeavors, Jennifer Rapacki embodies the seamless integration of technology and tradition, inspiring and guiding quilters of all skill levels to explore new horizons in their craft.


Highly Recommend

I was a little worried that Jennifer's topic may be too technical for our guild members. Boy was I wrong! She is a great speaker and her slide show and trunk show was really engaging and fun. Everyone in the audience stayed interested and asked tons of questions, especially when she started showing how she created images and transferred designs to fabric on her home printer or by using services such as Spoonflower. I think we all saw the possibilities for incorporating a lot of new ideas into our quilting. I would highly recommend Jennifer to any Guild looking for a speaker who can open new creative doors for their members.

Absolutly Delightful

I just wanted to thank you profusely and let you know how much I (and everybody else) enjoyed the class you taught in King City last Saturday. You made learning the computer programs such a pleasant experience for us and you are an absolutely DELIGHTFUL person with excellent teaching skills. Thanks again and keep up the good work in the quilting world!!!!


Thanks for a very good workshop last Saturday for the Westside Quilters. We appreciate all your knowledge and the way you presented the information with great patience.

Helped me to better understand EQ!

Thank you again for a class that helped me to better understand EQ! I've used the books and had classes before, and nothing really "clicked" until yesterday. You made it happen!