Joyce Becker


  • Quilt Artist
  • Playful Teacher
  • Risk Taker

Joyce Becker is a quilt artist, instructor, and best-selling author. She has traveled the globe teaching and lecturing landscape quilting to thousands of quilters. Joyce is elated to teach on Creative Spark and have the opportunity to reach a wider audience across the globe in the comfort of your homes. 

Joyce’s specialty is Landscape Art Quilts and her latest book will be available in February 2022. She doesn’t feel art quilts need to be perfect or created to impress others, rather spark joy in the creator. Her sense of humor and ability to take risks in her work is something she hopes to inspire in her students. Joyce loves to give feedback to her students so be sure to send her your questions while in class!



Joyce Becker is an accomplished teacher, lecturer, writer and author who generously shares her techniques for making spectacular landscape quilts. As a guest on Quilting Arts TV, Joyce clearly broke down her process into simple steps, including design, fabric selection, and ways to blend and add texture and details with machine stitching. Joyce’s techniques make it possible for anyone to create a beautiful quilted nature scene, and her delight and enthusiasm for teaching are evident.


Joyce R. Becker is an outstanding teacher.  She’s patient, deeply knowledgeable, and genuinely cares about each student in her classes and workshops.  She’s generous about sharing her many tips and techniques for creating wonderful one-of-a-kind landscapes.  Even a novice, as I was, comes away from her class feeling inspired and excited beyond belief! 

She is very thorough in her approach and takes the students through every step very carefully making sure no one feels left behind.  From inspiration ideas to fabric choices, construction and sewing machine techniques, fabric embellishing and manipulation, right through to the final quilting and finishing, there’s no secret Joyce doesn’t share with her students!