Kathy K. Wylie

Quilter, Author, Appliqué Enthusiast

Kathy is a multiple international-award winning quilter who is passionate about appliqué. She started sewing and embroidering as a young girl, laying the foundation for the life-altering discovery of quilting two decades later. Since then, quilting has grown from a hobby into a full-time creative career. Kathy is a pattern designer, teacher, author, and owner of an ecommerce business. She and her husband live in Muskoka’s beautiful lake country, north of Toronto Canada. With over twenty years experience teaching quilting classes, Kathy is thrilled to be able to bring her classes to you online.

A Quick Introduction

From Appliqué Specialist, Kathy K. Wylie

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Why We Love Kathy

Impeccable Technique

After holding a very popular class in Sewflakes: Papercut Appliqué last year, award-winning quilter, pattern designer, and C&T author Kathy K. Wylie is coming back to visit us! We are very excited about this, mainly because she’s a terrific teacher with impeccable technique and a winning personality, but also because she’s a native girl who’s made it big in the quilting world.

Brighten Your Appliqué Day

The clever blocks lead to quite moving and completely original quilts of sewflakes combined with patchwork, or sewflake blocks with papercut sashings and borders. If you love papercuts, you’ll love this… If you haven’t considered their easy, infinite possibilities… this will brighten your appliqué day!

Perfect for Novices Too

The details on making individual cut paper designs was definitely my favorite part… Variations give a great idea of design changes for anyone truly novice to paper cutting!